Maersk Launches Digital Edition of 'Maersk Post' Magazine

Maersk Group is launching a digital edition of the Maersk Post Magazine, the company's quarterly printed publication featuring stories from various Maersk businesses and employees around the world. "With the introduction of a digital edition of the magazine, Maersk Group wants to share its significant stories from inside with a wider global audience. The Group's activities around the world means that there is a wide breath of interesting stories and we want to share those across the globe and with all of our external stakeholders," says Maersk Post Chief Editor Birgitte Henrichsen.

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Group stories

Maersk Post delivers Group stories told by the employees and by the executives. Among the key stories of the latest edition, Maersk Post features the article 'We did It' focusing on the Emma Maersk's dramatic hours in the Suez Canal in February: taking in water in the Suez Canal, the Emma Maersk crew went through some frantic hours, making a sensational turn with the vessel.

This latest edition is also focused on Maersk's new security strategy with dramatic stories about Maersk employees and their families being evacuated during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. "Maersk Post readers get an excellent insight in how the Group's priorities and strategies are executed. Group stories exemplifying how we run our businesses, what the Group stands for and where we want to be in the future," Birgitte Henrichsen says.

Freely available to download

According to Henrichsen, the new digital edition of the Maersk Post also enriches the reader experience with videos, images and additional, interactive material, all available in an online version .This digital edition of Maersk Post is freely available to browse and download on desktop and also optimised for mobile devices.

Read and download Maersk Post Digital here

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