There's a Container Behind it All

Containers make a difference to billions of people around the world, but how can these building blocks of global trade be improved? And how can they help offset future energy cost increases? 

Maersk 2017


Find one answer in Maersk Container Industry's movie now available to employees and the general public.

Containers must endure harsh environments from arctic cold to tropical heat, and the film depicts crash tests where MCI seeks to ensure its containers stand up to the harshest of handling.

The film is made by Copenhagen Film Company, which has so far won 14 international awards for its "We are Maersk" series, including a gold medal at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

MCI's documentary-style movie goes to the crux of world trade.
"It was a fun movie to make because a container is not just a box. For example, it is exciting to discover what it really takes to bring a banana to a supermarket," says Rene Strandbygaard, photographer and partner in Copenhagen Film Company.

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