Bananas' second chance in Mozambique

A SWEET OPPORTUNITY: In 2010, Maersk Line turned down the opportunity to ship bananas from a young banana farm in Mozambique, after finding the conditions too risky to invest.

Maersk 2017

In the wake of improvements, Maersk Line now carries the farm's bananas to the Middle East with further markets expected next year, showing the potential in new sectors of the Mozambique economy.
Located in Manapo, a rural district some 100 kilometres from Mozambique's major port city of Nacala, the Matanuska banana farm is a rarity in the southern African nation – a successful export business unrelated to the country'snatural resources.
As far as banana farms go, Matanuska is big, even compared to established Central and South American banana plantations.The planted area of the farm is 1,400 hectares, or roughly thesize of 1,000 football fields, and it employs 2,000 people. By farthe largest of just three commercial farms in Mozambique,Matanuska is still a small player on the global banana trade.

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