Growth markets shopping spree is only the beginning

IMPORTS FIND NEW DESTINATIONS: Imports to growth markets are on the rise, and some analysts predict that China will overtake the USA as the world's largest importer as soon as 2017.

Maersk 2017

According to the World Bank, growth markets reached a share of 31% of global imports in 2011. The gap between mature and growth market imports is, in other words, closing fast.

In past decades, the paramount trend in world trade has been the substantial level of oursourcing of manufacturing from mature economies to Asia.

Consequently, Asian and other growth markets have become exporting dyanmos and finished goods have filled the head-haul shipping trades to mature countries. Soon, however, there may be more to that story.

"The trend is indisputable," Per Flink Iversen, Head of Economic Analysis at Maersk Line, says.

"If the current pace continues, growth markets will catch up and account for half of global imports in the late 2020s."

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    Growth market shopping spree only just beginning

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