How to make USD 15 million in a day's work

STATE-OF-THE-ART SIMULATOR: On a single Saturday in June, Maersk Training secured the continuation of a Maersk Drilling Operation off the coast of Angola – saving up to USD 15 million.

Maersk Headquarters

It’s Saturday morning 16 June when the phone rings in Maersk Training Centre in Southern Denmark.

Operations Manager Tonny Møller is the man who picks up. At the other end of the line he finds Jens Christian Rise, Rig Manager at the Maersk Drilling semi-submersible Mærsk Deliverer, anchored and operating off Angola.

Mærsk Deliverer, working for a major oil company, is facing a potentially very costly challenge before being deployed in shallow waters for the first time.

A very cumbersome and costly analysis taking up to 30 days had to be made, making the Mærsk Deliverer team think of Maersk Training’s state-of-the-art simulator thousands of miles away.

In short, the client’s mooring analysis had stated that should one of the eight anchor chains break, the rig could potentially move up to 90 metres.

But with only 14 metres movement acceptable, the customer was asking whether Mærsk Deliverer should also be working on dynamic positioning.

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