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Maersk has thrown open its doors to the world via a new website featuring its latest corporate movies and stories and facts about the Group's global operations. Visitors can take a close look at drilling rigs and admire the world's largest ship or meet Maersk employees at the new portal, Wearemaersk.com

Maersk 2017

Directed by internationally acclaimed director Christoffer Boe, We Are Maersk takes a look at the A.P. Moller Maersk Group's expansive operations and is accompanied by 10 other films about various business units and themes.

They were shot across the world - from small box terminals in Vietnam and Nigeria to enormous ones skirting Shanghai and Rotterdam and from oil rigs off Qatar and the North Sea.

The digital platform offers a unique opportunity to peer inside the world of Maersk, see how we move mountains each day, effect change and push boundaries while always working responsibly.

Wearemaersk.com features:

  • How 700 jobs generated 32,000
    Maersk's new terminal in Apapa, Nigeria, stimulated investments and 700 jobs that that gradually grew to 32,000 nationwide as roads, employee education, increased wages and terminal services paved the way for new businesses.
  • A daily dose of punctuality
    Daily Maersk has changed shipping on the Asia-Europe trade by guaranteeing absolute reliability and on-time delivery on a route in which 40% of all containers have arrived late.
  • Biggest, most energy-efficient ships
    To be the world's biggest ships, Triple-E vessels will be unrivalled in energy efficiency, economy of scale and environmental performance - the three inspirations behind their name.
  • A passport to the future
    The cradle-to-cradle passport will allow Maersk to recycle steel and copper from vessels as the two resources grow scarcer, important when you consider one Triple E will use 8.4 Eiffel Towers worth of steel and 300 tonnes of copper.

*Maersk delivered 700 tonnes of goods while you were reading this article.

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