Maersk Launches New Corporate Movie

A new corporate movie featuring the A.P. Moller Maersk Group's shipping, terminals and oil exploration and production activities was launched on Wednesday, 8 February. 

Maersk 2017

The movie can be watched here 

Shot in 40 cities across 20 countries, the movie touches on the "mountains" moved each day by the world's biggest container shipping line, the economic boost APM Terminals brings growth economies and the technical precision of Maersk Drilling.
Titled We Are Maersk, the 12-minute production was made in conjunction with 10 shorter films - one each for six business units and another four for separate corporate themes – in a big screen update of the company's image.
The main movie is a snapshot of the work performed by the 108,000 people who crew 1,000 vessels, 26-plus oil rigs and offices and factories in 140 countries.
It includes the insights of Vincent Clerc, a senior executive from Maersk Line, Nguyen Thi Minh, Ngoc, human resources manager at Cai Mep International Terminal, Vietnam, Ben Pomford, a senior toolpusher with Maersk Drilling, and Mariann Richterhausen, a Maersk Oil well site geologist.
Their respective business unit's technical innovation, improving environmental performance and attention to detail are told in simple personal accounts backed up by guidance from Maersk's 98-year-old senior partner.
"The basic principle is that people can trust us," former Group Chairman Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller says to camera at the end of the film.
We Are Maersk matches the group's imposing hardware with the talented people who operate it.
Acclaimed Danish film duo Christoffer Boe and Manuel Claro juxtapose the two in an evocative overview of operations – from the vantage points of helicopters, oil rigs and container and supply vessels - narrated by British actor John Hurt.
"Traditionally we were very proud of our technology and hardware," Maersk Senior Vice-President and head of Group Relations Steen Reeslev says of the movie.
"We still are, but today we want to balance it more with people, and what we describe to a large extent is not just what we do, but what we stand for."
We Are Maersk will introduce officials, customers and new recruits to the Maersk Group and be distributed widely via a dedicated website and social media channels.

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