Pursuant to the Regulation from the Ministry of Transportation PM no. 16 of 2021 regarding Procedures of Handling and Transporting Dangerous Goods (DG) Cargo, it is mandatory for all DG exporter/importer to have DG Training Certificate from authorized training center that has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation in order to be able to proceed DG shipment.

As our continuous effort to put utmost priority on safety and also compliance with government regulation, for Export shipment starting ETD 22 June 2022 from Belawan, Final MDGF document should mention Shipper name and signed by the person from the said Shipper’s company who already obtained the DG Training Certificate.

Failure to provide the correct document and comply with above regulation which resulted in container shut out will be under customer responsibility. You may reach out to related government authorities if you have any query or concern regarding the regulation.

For Import customer, it is advised that Consignee to also obtained DG Training Certificate in case the regulation will be implemented for import shipment in near time.

If you have any additional queries or concern, please contact us via:

  • Phone to
    +62 21 5093 9470 (Main line – Jakarta & Surabaya)
    0018030160021 (Toll free Indosat network)
    0078030160021 (Toll free Telkom and XL network)
  • Email to
    id.export@maersk.com for Export-related matters
    id.import@maersk.com for Import-related matters
    sales.support@maersk.com for Commercial/Sales-related matters
  • LiveChat – please see the below guideline

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