Executive Summary

The spread of COVID-19 and ensuing isolation measures has led to a drastic shift in consumer demand that is presenting huge challenges to retailers. For many retailers, forced shop closures and cautious consumer spending has led to a significant downturn in demand for non-essential items resulting in a massive surplus of inventory. Conversely, essential items such as food and medical supplies have seen unprecedented spikes in demand resulting in significant out-of-stock scenarios.

As such, the retail industry is scrambling to address an inventory imbalance by slowing down the production and delivery of low demand goods while simultaneously increasing the production and delivery of high demand goods. At the same time, global supply chains remain heavily disrupted with limited and changing transport options, acute staff shortages, economic uncertainty, and suppliers operating beneath capacity.

In this report we explore the key challenges facing retailers, how companies can develop their supply chain recovery plans, and speak with Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Retail at Maersk, and Manav Jain, Head of Supply Chain Development (North America) at Maersk, about what COVID-19 means in the long-term for retail logistics.
Johanna Hainz, Global Vertical Head, Retail
Johanna Hainz
Global Head of Retail at Maersk
Manav  Jain
Manav Jain
Head of Supply Chain Development at Maersk, North America.
James Savager
James Savager
Head of Retail, Lifestyle and FMCG at Maersk, Great China.

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