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FMCG Supply chain, “Bread and Butter” for the new normal – Trends in consumption

16 June 2020

The coronavirus has created immediate and long-lasting changes in consumer expenditures for the FMCG sector. Driven by a spike in demand, change in consumption trends and stock needs, businesses are relying on an agile and innovative supply chain. Countries impacted with stricter lockdowns and are now seeing a reignition of economic spending and higher consumer buying power. If current trends are to be the new normal, businesses need visibility, flexibility and clarity in their global logistics processes.

In our webinar FMCG Supply chain “Bread and Butter”, we focus on how the coronavirus pandemic has reshaped consumption trends. We also discuss some of the significant changes in consumption patterns emerging as a result of COVID-19 and the new trends as countries start to reopen. FMCG companies, regardless of size or product category, can leverage data and emerging technologies to remain on top of ever-changing demand and quickly identify customer spending behaviour.

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