To continue offering you a broad portfolio of services in the changing market conditions affected by the COVID-19 situation, including significant cost increases with lower utilization and increase in safety measures, despite bunker prices fluctuating, we are announcing an increase in rates as set out below. The rate increase for the relevant trade for various commodities and container types is

Origins Destinations Cargo Type 20DC / 40DC 40High / 45HDry Effective date
Pakistan, UAE
and Indian
United States
and Canada
Cargo Type
20DC / 40DC
300 USD / 400 USD
40High / 45HDry
400 USD / 400 USD
Effective date
1st May 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing business with us. We strive to be your reliable shipping partner, propelling your business forward and supporting your growth ambitions.

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