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Progress 2019: Lead change in the ship recycling industry

20 February 2020
Lead change in the ship recycling industry

The journey to transform ship recycling continues with investments in yards as we recycle vessels in Alang, India, and providing support in the wider Alang community to improve healthcare. We also support a multi-stakeholder partnership to increase transparency. 


To radically change the global ship recycling industry to be dominated by responsible practices to the benefit of workers and the environment as well as responsible yards and shipowners.


2019 and 2020: Continue to invest and work with selected yards in Alang. Develop the wider Alang area. Drive and actively support the development of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative.

Progress 2019

Placed four new vessels for recycling in four different yards in Alang, India. External audits continue to report only one finding against our Responsible Ship Recycling Standard.  Contributed data and information to the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative. In wider Alang we continued to support medical outreach activities in partnership with local NGOs. 

Read more on page 33 in our Sustainability Report 2019.

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