A consumer goods manufacturer uses cutting-edge technology to power its warehousing and distribution facility.

The background

The Background

Our customer is a well-known American hygiene and personal care conglomerate that manufactures paper-based consumer products like facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, disposable diapers, and baby wipes stocked by mass retailers, supermarkets and convenient stores alike. Their brands are sold in more than 175 countries globally, with an estimated 18.5 billion USD in sales in 2019.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The customer had ambitious targets regarding the transformation of their logistics to consolidate its legacy supply chain into regional distribution centres, strategically located closer to key markets. They wanted to achieve efficiency at the highest speed and minimum cost by bringing together critical warehouse and distribution functions under one roof. However, they needed a clear plan, prioritisation, and timelines to make accurate projections.

The Solution

The Solution

Right from the beginning, we worked closely with our customer to understand their vision and everyday operations. This helped us set realistic timelines and lay out a clear roadmap.

The project kickstarted with the opening of two distribution centres in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia. Each of these were state-of- the-art, and great starting points in the customer's distribution-and-handling capabilities. We optimised the movement of finished goods from the assembly lines to the distribution centres during the next few years.

Our warehousing and distribution services included some added advantages for the customer:

  • In-house logistics in the customer’s factory with robotised picking of goods from the packing stations to interim storage or outbound cross-dock locations
  • Warehousing of both finished goods and raw materials in our multi-user park in Dobrenice, Czech Republic
  • Various value-added services in the warehouse like co-packing, re-labelling, and re-palletising
  • Import and Export customs clearance, including complicated documents
  • Booking agent services
  • Domestic distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Shuttle services between the factory and our warehouses
  • Additional service of Full Truckload (FTL) transport to certain destinations
  • Customer service outsourcing
The Result

The Result

Our storage footprint grew from 13,000 square metres to 40,000 square metres in a span of 4 years to help achieve our clients streamlined supply chain and mega distribution centre objectives.

Now, the customer uses approximately 75% of this total space. In fact, their warehousing and distribution capabilities have grown from 13,000 square metres to 30,000 square metres in less than a year.

With the logistics park minutes away from our customer’s factory by road, our facilities ensure improved distribution efficacy with clear, single-point-of-entry visibility and control of the entire finished goods chain – all under one roof. It’s also led to scalability, leaner manufacturing processes, fewer business disruptions, and a customer-oriented supply chain that has had significant impact in accelerating our customer’s speed-to-market.

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