International companies’ purchasing decisions impact environmental and social conditions around the world. We work to manage the risk of supplier non-compliance with our Third Party Code of Conduct damaging trust in our brand. Our main focus is on suppliers in high-risk categories and countries, and we are expanding our processes to include the important supplier category trucking for our transportation and logistics activities.


To manage the risk of supplier non-compliance with our Third-Party Code of Conduct.

Targets 2018

Ensure compliance with Third-Party Code of Conduct. Introduce country risk as additional criteria for engagement. Introduce assessment approach to the high-risk category ‘terminals’ (note: the last two targets replace a previous target. This change was made as part of a re-evaluation of the Responsible Procurement programme in 2018).

Progress 2018

Performed 40 audits and 1,029 self-assessments of suppliers. Added high-risk countries as criterion for engagement. Further integrated pre-qualifier questionnaire for trucking. Piloted an assessment approach for terminals. Conducted focused training on labour relations.

Targets 2019

Ensure compliance with Third-Party Code of Conduct. Sharpen the focus on risk management through risk score methodology. Align supplier due diligence processes across segments in a consistent manner.

Read more on page 32 in our Sustainability Report 2018.

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