The benefits of container shipping in a nutshell

Published on 09 August 2018

What world-class container shipping connectivity will do for a nation


Maersk Line is the leading shipping line in the world. The company was one of the first foreign shipping lines to be given a license to operate in China and has served China since the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the country is one of Maersk Line’s biggest markets.

Maersk Line’s presence and market share in China implies that it is responsible for a significant share of the total shipping sector’s contribution to increased trade growth in China. Our study shows that in the period 2004 –2012 a 11% of the trade growth coming from improved container shipping connectivity is attributable to Maersk Line operations alone. In other words, Maersk Line has helped boost Chinese trade growth by increasing its services and economy of scale in China.

How good container shipping connectivity boosts economic growth

China has the best container shipping connectivity in the world – more than six times above the global average. Our study shows that Chinese container shipping connectivity improved by 54% over the period 2004 –2012. This has driven a significant reduction in trade cost, which in turn has led to increased trade and economic growth.