TradeLens connects global supply chains


Transform your container logistics by freeing it from legacy data systems, manual document handling and poor visibility.

Reliable information on estimated and actual milestones for your shipments can be hard to come by and not having the right documents in the hand of the right participant can stop a shipment in its tracks.

Tradelens offers a consistent and holistic view of shipment event data and corresponding documents, all delivered from directly connected logistics partners. It's a single source of truth shared by - and with - permissioned supply chain partners for collective success.

Digitize your bill of ladings with the Tradelens eBL

Introducing the TradeLens eBL

The first truly end-to-end digital electronic bill of lading solution that provides shippers, cargo owners, freight-forwarders, and carriers a streamlined and secure process for the issuance, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

The TradeLens eBL, underpinned by blockchain, digitizes the paper BL capturing the nuance and flexibility an original bill has traditionally performed in business processes.

Manages risk and unpredictability
Increase security and transparency
The risks of using paper original BLs (lost documents, forgeries, delays in receipt and charges resulting in the delays) are eliminated, as documents are immediately available to all parties and any changes audited and fully traceable.
Streamline your processes
With the TradeLens eBL participants can electronically issue, transfer and surrender BLs via the TradeLens shipment manager and/or API connections.
Reduced costs
Eliminate Cost
Streamline all your documentation processes with TradeLens and enable all parties to redeploy resources to more value-added activities. The full shipping document pack can be shared across permissioned parties, eliminating the need to print and courier documents.
Digital services
Access a digital ecosystem
Get beyond the inefficient, manual, paper-based process of handling an original Bill of Lading with a TradeLens eBL, which performs the exact same function digitally and enjoys wide ocean carrier support.

What customers are saying about TradeLens Solution

We are very pleased with the TradeLens eBL process, simple and straightforward, great onboarding experience.

Frozen Foods export from India

With the help of Tradelens, we were able to carefully handle high value cargo and reduce the risk caused by delayed bill of lading (BL) in COVID-19 pandemic. Read the case study to learn more.

The TradeLens Solution

The tradelens core offers innovative digital freight management tools to optimize your operations.

Industry Insights
Transport Insight
Get dynamically updated transport plans with data from upstream and downstream, keeping you informed of changes that could impact your shipment, while keeping all parties updated.
Document Sharing
Quickly access and share digitized trade documents and associated events with your supply-chain partners, with an immutable audit trail and crystal-clear version control.
shipment managment
Shipment Manager
Easily and securely access TradeLens ecosystem data online so you can effectively manage a powerful supply chain without the costly set-ups.
Set notifications for your critical shipping and document events, so your teams are alerted to those events immediately on in-house systems or mobile devices.
EDI-API Integration pictogram
API Integration
TradeLens is integrated through non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are simple to set-up, so you and your partners can quickly share data and expedite trade.
Partner Access
Bring your suppliers, customers, transportation providers, and logistics partners to create a collaboration workspace, where everyone is working off the same data and documents.
Discuss the advantages of TradeLens with our experts. Learn how to boost innovation, reduce friction, and gain efficiencies in global trade.

Benefits of TradeLens

  • Respond with agility to customer demand - TradeLens helps you easily bring data from the world’s largest containerized freight blockchain platform to your internal systems, giving you a single source of the truth for inventory location and the flexibility to move inventory to match demand.
  • Increase event and document reliability - TradeLens offers a consistent and holistic view of reliable shipment event data and corresponding documents, all delivered directly from participating sources. It’s a single source of truth shared by – and with – permissioned supply chain partners for collective success.
  • Build competitive advantage - TradeLens gives you the ability to innovate with access to trusted information from your entire logistics ecosystem. By combining reliable data from all participants with transformative degrees of automation, TradeLens gives you unprecedented control over your supply chain.
  • Enhance partner collaboration - TradeLens helps you simplify partner collaboration through a shared, common view of trusted shipment data. Permissioned access for customs brokers, 3PLs, carriers and others streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort and helps eliminate errors.
  • Increase customer satisfaction - To help you respond proactively to customers – and to increase their satisfaction – TradeLens offers near real-time data, status updates and alerts for exceptions across your end-to-end supply chain, enabling earlier decision making and faster implementation of mitigating actions.
  • Enable cross-organizational workflows - Imagine workflows and transportation processes that extend to all of your trading partners in near real-time. TradeLens forms the foundation for a new generation of actionable and automated processes founded on trusted data and permissioned access.

Learn in detail what TradeLens is, how it is the heart of a global supply chain ecosystem, plus its many features and what they can do for you.

Benefits of Tradelens

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