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Name and Description


Transport Document Amendment Fee-Import

10 USD per 1 transport document

Transport Document Issuance Service

25 USD per 1 transport document

Cancelation fee

50 USD per 1 container

Change of destination

300USD per1container

Detention in Transit

250 USD per1container, plus 75 USD per day

Detention in Transit (Reefer only)

250 USDper1container, plus 125 USD per day

Manual Booking Fee

25 USD per booking

Manual Documentation Processing Fee

25 USD per booking

Origin Certificate charge

25 USD per 1 certificate

Weight Discrepancy Fee

75 USD per 1 booking

Demurrage and Detention

Import demurrage & detention calculation is applicable starting from 1 August 2013 (discharge date). Starting from 1 August 2013 port storage is paid to the terminal directly.

Combined Demurrage and Detention Invoice 
(in case of exceeded free equipment usage days).

Merchant Haulage
(Combined Demurrage and Detention starts as from discharge day (included), ends with gate-in empty day (included) to terminal)

Carrier Haulage
(Combined Demurrage and Detention starts as from discharge day (included), ends with gate-in full container day (included) to Customer’s warehouse)

Freetime Days 12 5
Days after free time expiration 20', USD 40', USD 45', USD
13 - 20 day 25 40 40
21 - 30 day 40 65 65
Each next day 60 90 90
Days after free time expiration 20’ REEF 40’REEF
6th - 11th day Usd 60 Usd 60
12th - 30th day Usd 120 Usd 120
As from 31stday Usd 220 Usd 220

Import Railway delivery (starting from 1st August 2010)

Combined import demurrage and detention rates for containers with import cargo hauled by rail (subject to port storage)

Freetime Days 18
Days of container usage 20', USD 40', USD 40', USD
19 - 20 day 25 40 40
21 - 30 day 40 65 65
Each next day 60 90 90

Electricity tariffs for REEF containers in Chornomorsk and Yuzhniy ports

Chornomorsk port

Invoice for electricity for REEF containers charged as storage in Chornomorsk port.

Storage starts from discharge day (included) on the terminal, ends with gate -out day (included) from terminal, charged for electricity service

Freetime Days 2
Days after free time expiration 20’ /40’REEF USD / UAILJ
As from 3rd 75

Yuzhniy port

There are 5 days free from electricity for REEF containers in UAYUZ. After free time expiration Customer pays directly for electricity to Yuzhniy port /terminal

Carrier Haulage: (Exports & Imports)

Free truck waiting time at port until custom's formalities completion - 24 running hours.
Free truck waiting time - 48 running hours (irrespective of holidays and weekends).
Day 3 onwards - USD 80/150 per truck per dry/reefer container/day for local haulage,
USD 150/250 per truck per dry/reefer container/day for transit to Belarus,
USD 250 per genset per day.


Re-export procedure

Required Documents for Import

For making port forwarding in Odessa / Chornomorsk ports & door delivery of the cargo, the following set of documents to be surrendered to Odessa / Kiev office:

  • Original bills of lading;
  • Original invoice (port customs stamped invoice will be returned to the client) & translation to Ukrainian or Russian language;
  • Packing list copy, if number of packages /weight not specified in invoice & translation to Ukrainian or Russian language
  • Copy of the certificate of origin;
  • Copy of the contract (between the shipper and the consignee);
  • Accreditation card copy (customs registration certificate);
  • Preliminary Customs Confirmation (“PP”) or Preliminary Customs Declaration (“PD”) (issued by the customs office where the consignee is accredited) to be sent by e-mail to the releasing port customs office /only for Ukrainian companies/.
  • Other documents requested by Ukrainian customs authorities depending on cargo type & customs import procedure;

The documents should be delivered preferably before the vessel arrival to Odessa / Chornomorsk to ensure timely transfer and processing of documents by port forwarders and avoid any demurrage.

List of documents: Russian Version.

Veterinary cargo (animal origin)

  • Veterinary certificate (original);
  • Certificate of origin (original);
  • Quality certificate (original);

For all reefer containers arriving into Ukraine subject to veterinary inspection it is mandatory to submit original veterinary certificate to the local vet authorities prior to the container discharge from the vessel. If the certificate is not submitted the container will have to be retained on board. 

If the consignee informs his inability to produce the veterinary certificate in due time (7 days prior to ETD from transshipment port – Gioia Tauro/ Port Said/ Constanta/ Tanjung Pelepas) the containers will be left in the transshipment port till the certificates are prepared, in this case we will have to invoice additional storage cost of USD 125 per REEF container per day. 

If the container has been loaded from the transshipment port but the consignee is unable to produce the veterinary certificate 72 hours prior vessel ETA to Ukrainian ports  at the destination, all such containers will be banned from discharge and will have to be carried for an additional round trip. In this scenario, additional round trip charges will be invoiced to Customer. These charges are merely intended to cover additional costs the line is bearing, as all such containers will be banned from discharge and will have to be carried for an additional round trip. The charges are  applicable both for dry and reefer containers.

Note: Certificates have to be supplied with a translation into Ukrainian / Russian on cargo which is subject to veterinary control
Country of destination should be specified as “Ukraine” for import cargo.

Longstanding cargo disposal procedures

For longstanding containers which are staying within more than 60days:

Please be advised that as per Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading Terms (Art. 17 - Lien and 22 – Notification and delivery) and Art. 167-169 of Maritime Code of Ukraine the Carrier may exercise the Lien right after 60 days since container's discharge and to proceed with unclaimed cargo disposal to release the empty container.

Means cargo can be sold for covering of occurred expenses or destruction procedure can be arranged after 60 days from discharge date as per Carrier decision.

All occurred and uncovered expenses will be charged to the Party who will be identified as Merchant in accordance with Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading terms* and conditions as per Carrier decision.

For longstanding containers which are staying within more than 90 days:

All longstanding cargoes in containers which are staying at any Ukrainian ports within more than 90 days from discharge date and have not been taken by consignee and/or have not been disposed in any other way by the Line before indicated period, can be automatically transferred to the Custom warehouse based on Customs code of Ukraine (CCU) restrictions of storage time on the border and carrier's rights connected to non-claimed (longstanding) cargoes, in particular :

  1. art.204 of CCU which limits storage time under customs control to 90 days.
  2. p.4 art. 191 of CCU which entitles carrier to pass longstanding cargo to Customs warehouse.

Stripping Service” in amount USD 1500 per containers will apply. Subject charge is to cover all custom and transport formalities occurred while in transferring and transshipment of cargoes from containers to the custom warehouse.

Subject charge should be billed to the party, who will be identified as Merchant in accordance with Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading terms and conditions* as per Carrier decision.

Container Stripping Service Charge do not cover demmurage&detention occurred. D&D should be also covered by the same responsible party.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk office.

*Terms and conditions of the Maersk Multimodal transport Bill of loading can be found here:


Special and hazardous cargoes 

REF cargoes

Freight on collect for REEF cargoes isn’t acceptable in Ukraine unless booked with Ukrainian Service contract /Ukrainian Contractual Customer.

Ukraine DOES NOT accept / release cargoes per Transport Document with Consignee clause “TO ORDER”

Transportation of special and hazardous cargo is subject to approval by Maersk. 
IMO classes 1 (Explosives) and 7 (Radioactive materials) are not acceptable in Ukraine. 
IMO classes 1 - 8 (excluding IMO classes 1 and IMO classes 7)are not acceptable in Odessa port for storage due to handling limitations on the terminal starting from 24 September 2007.  
For hazardous and out of gauge (OOG) cargo inland haulage rate details please contact our Intermodal department

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