Shipping to Ukraine

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.


Name and Description


Transport Document Amendment Fee-Import

10 USD per 1 transport document

Transport Document Issuance Service

25 USD per 1 transport document

Cancelation fee

50 USD per 1 container

Change of destination

300USD per1container

Detention in Transit

250 USD per1container, plus 75 USD per day

Detention in Transit (Reefer only)

250 USDper1container, plus 125 USD per day

Manual Booking Fee

25 USD per booking

Manual Documentation Processing Fee

25 USD per booking

Origin Certificate charge

25 USD per 1 certificate

Weight Discrepancy Fee

75 USD per 1 booking

Demurrage and Detention

Effective 1 January 2017, our Detention tariff charges for export will be:


Detention starts the day after the empty pick up day (included), ends with gate-in day (included) in terminal

Type DRY Flat & Open top REEF
Type DRY Flat & Open top REEF
Freetime Days 14 14 5
Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’DRY
Flat & Open
As from 15th day Usd 20 Usd 40 Usd 100
Days after free time expiration 20’ REEF 40’REEF
6th - 11thday Usd 60 Usd 60
12th -30thday Usd 120 Usd 120
As from 31stday Usd 220 Usd 220

Demurrage (includes electricity fee for REEFs located on UAILJ terminal)

*electricity fee for REEFs located on UAYUZ terminal to be paid by Customer directly to terminal 

Demurrage starts from gate-in day (included) on the terminal, ends with loading day (included) to vessel

Freetime Days 14 7  ILJ //  14 YUZ
Days after free time expiration Dry
REEFs – UAILJ (Chornomorsk)
REEFs – UAYUZ (Yuzhniy)
REEFs – UAYUZ (Yuzhniy)
8th- 14thday Usd 0 Usd 0 Usd 26.4 Usd 0 Usd 0
As from 15th day Usd 20 Usd 40 Usd 41.4 Usd 20 Usd 40

Idle detention fee

Idle detention fee starts when container was taken for export and then rejected for usage.

Container type $ per day
20’ 20
40’ 40
Special equipment (REEF, FLAT, OT) 100

Carrier Haulage: (Exports & Imports)

Free truck waiting time at port until custom's formalities completion - 24 running hours.
Free truck waiting time - 48 running hours (irrespective of holidays and weekends).
Day 3 onwards - USD 80/150 per truck per dry/reefer container/day for local haulage,
USD 150/250 per truck per dry/reefer container/day for transit to Belarus,
USD 250 per genset per day.


Booking and documentation:

We recommend that you:

  • Use our online business services (Maersk menu) to book and conduct your business with us.
  • For full access to your self-service account Register here. Remember to indicate Odessa office as your local Maersk office when you register.
  • Use Live demos which shows how to use the online services on

Local procedures:

- In cases when confirmed shipment is cancelled, postponed or decreased in number of containers within period of 10 days before vessel ETA No show fee (cancelation fee) usd 50 per container is applied. In case 11th day before vessel ETA is a non-working day weekend or national holiday) then booking cancellation or change is to be requested not later than the last working day before weekend or national holiday. For your convenience we have added No Show Fee deadline in our standard list of deadlines.

- Due to inaccurate cargo weight indication in bookings we continuously faced serious operational challenges. This had limited us in accepting additional cargo. Since 15th of August, 2009 Weight discrepancy fee usd 75 per B/L was implemented. Weight discrepancy fee is invoiced when B/L cargo gross weight differs from booked weight by more than 10% greater or lower) but difference should not be less than 2mt.

- In cases you book FLEXI please update appropriate note while booking creation: for SPOT bookings add the word “FLEXI” to Additional notes (Optional) on the Page “Booking details”; for usual bookings add the word “FLEXI” to Haulage reference (optional) on the Page 3 “Additional details”. Note “FLEXI” is mandatory for load.

-Manual shipping instructions or manual bill of lading/sea waybill to be sent to Global service centre ( . Manual shipping instruction fee is usd 25 per bill of lading/sea waybill.

Please not there will not be opportunity to submit shipping instruction with web site after vessels departure and the manual shipping instructions will become the only option for you.

Transport document amendment (AMF) is applicable to any of non-issued bill of lading/sea waybill starting from the first correction request was sent to our team vie e-mail. AMF will be charged whether vessel have sailed from the port of loading or not.

AMF tariff is equal to USD 10 per amendment/ bill of lading.

- Amendment of issued bill of lading/sea waybill is subject to transport document amendment fee USD 10 per bill of lading/sea waybill and transport document re-issuance fee USD 25.

All above mentioned does not refer to shipping instructions submitted or amended via

- When the customer submits Shipping Instructions after documentation cut off date Late Transport Documentation Fee usd 50 per bill of lading is applicable. The charge will not apply if delays are caused due to Maersk errors.

Vessels certificates:

Sometimes our customers ask for vessels certificates from Maersk. Please find below a Transport Statements/Certificate example which includes all the clauses which can be produced in requested certificates. If a certificate request cannot be met by clauses mentioned in this example it can not to be accepted.

Transport Statements/Certificate


Special and hazardous cargoes

Transportation of special and hazardous cargo is subject to approval by Maersk. 
IMO classes 1 (Explosives) and 7 (Radioactive materials) are not acceptable in Ukraine. 
IMO classes 1 - 8  (excluding IMO classes 1 and IMO classes 7) are not acceptable for storage in Odessa port due to handling limitations on the terminal starting from 24 September 2007. 
For hazardous and Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo inland haulage rate details please contact our inland service department

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