Shipping to Tunisia

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Local charges

  • In order to find out what the Local Charges are on your actual or potential shipments with Maersk, please visit our Rate Look Up Tool.
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Export booking 

Bookings can be made whether by email, phone or fax. However the best alternative is to register and create your booking on our website. 

Special Equipment

For positioning of special equipment to Tunisian ports for future exports, prior booking confirmation a LOE [for LOE Format, please contact (] is required from shipper (booking agent in case of cross booking) guaranteeing payment of all positioning costs in case booking cancelled afterwards. 

Re – Export procedure 

Local customs authorities confirmation to re-export an imported container is required and for that purpose below documents are mandatory:

  1. Shipper to provide reasons for re-export (translated In French) 
  2. Acceptance for re-export from the initially manifested consignee (on letter head & Stamped) 
  3. Certificate of non payment from Tunisian Bank through which transaction took place. 
  4. Commercial invoice

Customs average response time is around 2 weeks. 

Upon customs approval for re-export, Maersk Tunisia the Agency requires in advance payment of the below charges based on estimation (Not invoices): 

  1. Local charges for the imported container
  2. Occurred Container Demurrage and Detention charges. 
  3. Occurred port storage to be paid to port authorities. 
  4. Customs fees & penalties. 
  5. Re-Export related charges (Local charges, port charges & ocean freight) 

For estimation of all above, please contact (

Once all above fulfilled, the re-export procedure can be launched. Final invoices for all charges will be provided to requesting office. 

Re-export procedure last from 2 to 4 weeks.  

In order to process your booking, please note that all your shipping declarations should at least include the following mandatory data: 

  • Load Port.
  • Discharge Port.
  • Final Destination.
  • Vessel name and voyage number or vessel's departure date. 
  • Shipper's full style: Name, telephone number, fax number and address. 
  • Consignee's full style: Name, telephone number, fax number and address.
  • Notify full style: Name, telephone number, fax number and address.
  • Cargo Description.                                             
  • Total Number and type of packages.
  • Net weight of the shipment.
  • Gross weight of the shipment.
  • In case of reefer shipment; please confirm required temperature, ventilation and humidity.    
  • Freight basis: Prepaid or Collect.



No restrictions except for metal scrap and second hand clothing they are subject to a container deposit of TND 20 000 per container to be refunded upon return of empty container to Maersk office at destination.

Weight / Measurement 

Breakbulk is not accepted.

OOG: Unitized OOG subject to prior approval by Tunisia Operations department

For general information on weight / measurement restrictions please contact your local Maersk office.

Special Cargoes 

No restrictions.

Bill of Lading clausing, documentation 

All outbound bills of lading should be updated with the following clause: Free IN - "All loading costs & other costs up to / including loading empty is for account & risk of merchant".

Special Customs Requirements 

No restrictions. 


All local charges are payable in TND.

Both prepaid and collect freight are acceptable in USD / EUR / GBP.

Contact us

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