Shipping to Trinidad & Tobago

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Demurrage and Detention


Valid from: 1 January 2018
Valid to: 31 December 2018
Charge Type: Storage and Detention

Freetime DAYS
DRY 15
IMO 15


From (Days) To (Days) Rate for 20 DRY Rate for 40/45 DRY Rate for 20 REEF Rate for 40 REEF Rate for 20' Flat & Open Top Rate for 40' Flat & Open Top IMO 20' IMO 40'
Storage 16 23 USD 15 USD 30 USD 15 USD 30 USD 15 USD 30 USD 15 USD 30
Storage 24 Thereafter USD 32 USD 64 USD 32 USD 64 USD 32 USD 64 USD 32 USD 64
Detention 16 Thereafter USD 15 USD 20 USD 25 USD 25 USD 15 USD 20 USD 15 USD 20


Restrictions Import Export
Radioactive type Radioactive type commodities are restricted at both Trinidad Ports Radioactive type commodities are restricted at both Trinidad Ports
Shark Fin Not Permitted for Import or Export. Commodity restriction for Shark Fin.
Used Batteries Used batteries are restricted for both Import and Export Used Batteries commodity restricted
Highly Explosive Materials Location must be contacted before this type of cargo is confirmed/accepted Commodity has to be confirmed with Customs before being Exported.
Amendments/Updates No changes can be made to anyshipments, up to 72 hours prior to vessel arrival at Destination. Any changes done within this time can result in a fine from local customs as Trinidad's manifest may have already been submitted. All amendments requested on Incoming cargo must be approved by front office (Trinidad) first.  
Consignee and Shipper Parties Due to system restrictionsevery Bill Of Ladingmust carry only one shipper and one consignee. If a shipment is found tocarrymultiple consignees and/or shippers, it will be queried by localCustom Authorities.  
Foreign Consignee NO ForeignConsignee will be acceptable in Consignee Colum  
Consignee Name To Order/ To Order of Shipper/To Order of Ourselvesin the consignee field willnotbe acceptable.  

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