Shipping to Togo

Get up-to-date local information about holiday periods, charges, payment services, inland transport procedures and restrictions, and more.

Inland Haulage

Inland haulage includes transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container by truck and or rail. From Lomé Maersk offers Through Bills of Ladings (TBLs) services to Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali. Lomé is in fact the preferred corridor for Through Bills of Ladings destined to Burkina Faso. The inland haulage has been outsourced to Maersk Logistics Togo who has dedicated 3rd party truckers with focus on service delivery and safety. Maersk Logistics Togo also offers Merchant Haulage to these destinations. Today, Maersk Logistics Togo has transported more than 2.000 FFEs to the hinterland destinations with Burkina Faso and Mali being the largest ones.

Moving inland cargoes via Lomé offers many advantages:

  • Lomé is a Freeport, thus facilitating fast and problem free cargo clearance
  • An integrated Maersk and Maersk Logistics solution. Offices are well connected for easy communication and problem solving
  • Developed, proven and successful product. Efficient and safe delivery.
  • Competitive pricing, both compared to local market and neighboring countries.
  • Fast and effective In-house customs house brokerage.
  • Only 2 days required for loading out of port.
  • Daily reporting/tracking on all shipments via Lomé.
  • Short transit times with safe, reliable and well conditioned trucks.
  • Dedicated team, both in office and on the field.
  • All the countries have French as official language and all are using the same currency (FCFA/XOF).
  • Togo is bi-lingual and can also handle documents also in English.
For further information, please contact our inland service team at: DAMCO Togo S.A
Email: Inland haulage services (
Contacts: Mr. Edem Sodjadan
Phone: +228 22 23 12 31 or +228 90 10 20 45

Customs House Brokerage

Global knowledge and local expertise in customs formalities

Due to the special nature of "clearing" cargo, it is important to know the variations in customs practices across the world. We can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations for both export and import cargoes and at origin and destination. Our local customs house brokerage experts know what the variations are. 

We offer efficient and timely customs house brokerage including:

  • Full customs clearance
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Bonded transit
  • Commodity classification
  • Reliable delivery service
  • Insurance
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Storage.
For more details about our services please contact us:
Email: Customs house brokerage ( or (
Phone: Customs house brokerage +228 2231231
Sales +228 2231236
Customer service Import +228 2231229
Customer service Export +228 2226174
Fax: +228 2231211

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.