Shipping to Tanzania

Demurrage and Detention

Free Time

**Effective 5th January 2018

Local 14 14 7
In Transit to Democratic Republic of Congo 55 55 21
In Transit to Zambia 40  40  21
In Transit to Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Uganda 30 30 21

Demurrage and Detention charges upon expiry of free time; charged per calendar day per container;

Effective 20th March 2020

Days after expiry of free time 20DRY 40DRY & 40HDRY 20REEF 40HREEF 20SPECIAL 40SPECIAL
1-7 days USD 10 USD 20 USD 40 USD 80 USD 20 USD 40
8-14 days USD 15 USD 30 USD 70 USD 140 USD 30 USD 70
15 days and above USD 30 USD 60 UISD 100 USD 160 USD 50 USD 100


Releasing procedures:

Import cargo is released on presentation of original bills of lading, duly signed container guarantee forms and payment of local charges. Import clearing procedures can be obtained from your local Maersk office.

Import containers must be cleared within 7 days for reefers and 14 days for dry containers after being discharged or they are subject to a demurrage and detention tariff.

For tranist cargo they must be clearded an returned within 30 days after being discharged or they are subject to a demurrage and detention tariff.

Container deposit refunds:  

We charge a container deposit on all import cargo into Tanzania. This is a refundable charge upon the empty return of our containers. 

Once an empty container is returned, you can request for refund by filling the below form. We will process your refund and have your cheque available within 7 working days, assuming there are no outstandings. Cheque can be collected within 36 hours of issuance.  

Click here to download a deposit refund form



Military items are not accepted for import without prior approval by Line or Operations Manager.

Weight / Measurement: 

For general information on weight / measurement restrictions please contact your local agency office.Cargo with weight in excess of 23/30 tons per 20'/40' including tare should be brought to the attention ofcustomer serivce on a case by case basis at  TZ.IMPORT@MAERSK.COM

For Zanzibar weight is limited by capacity of ship's gear, i.e 35 tons including tare.

Special Cargoes: 

Break Bulk (B/B), Out of Gauge (OOG) and IMO cargo are subject to Maersk approval procedures. Please contact TZ.IMPORT@MAERSK.COM with specific requirements.

Manifest Amendments:

All amendment requests are subject to CUSTOMS APPROVAL.

Weight amendment is subject to verification under Customs supervision and approval.

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.