Shipping to Taiwan

Demurrage and Detention

Export (From 01/Jan/2017, based on departure date)

Combined Demurrage and Detention
Dry cargo 14 Calendar days
Special Equipment 10 Calendar days
Reefer cargo 10 Calendar days
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Equipment type Amount (TWD)
20' dry 1000
40' dry 2000
40' hq dry 2000
45' dry 2000
20'Special Equipment 700
40'Special Equipment 1400
20'reefer 2500
40' reefer 4000


  • Free time is calculated from empty pickup day to 1) if the place of receipt is same as the container loading terminal, the Free Time is calculated till full container loaded date, 2) if not, it will be calculated till full container gate-out from place of receipt terminal.
  • For Consol & CFS/CY, the free time is calculated from the date of container stuffed
  • NOR is followed Dry container
  • Saturday and Sunday are counted as calendar days in Free day period, however, National Holidays and Chinese New Year Holiday are excluded. 
  • Nantional Holiday
    Date ( DD-MM) 2020
    Holiday Description
    01-Jan New Year
    23-Jan ~ 29-Jan Chinese New Year
    28-Feb 228 Holiday
    2-Apr ~ 04-Apr Tomb Sweeping
    01-May Labor Holiday
    25-Jun ~ 26-Jun Dragon Boat Festival
    1-Oct ~ 02-Oct Mid-Autumn Festival
    9-Oct~10-Oct National Holiday
  • Demurrage and detention charges are based on calendar day and subject to a VAT charge of 5%.


The maximum allowable weight of containers (tare weight plus cargo weight) allowed to transported by road in Taiwan is 29,500 kgs. This is a requirement of the Directorate General of Highway, Ministry of Transport and Communications.

All cargo to be transported by road should be kept within the weight limits. Any cargo that exceeds that allowed limit requires a special permit from the Directorate General of Highway upon the payment of fines to be determined on a case by case basis.

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