Shipping to Sweden

Headquartered in Gothenburg and with weekly services to and from the Far East, we are well positioned to drive Sweden’s businesses forward.

We have the expertise to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition and on schedule. Our weekly feeders from Gothenburg, Gaevle, Norrkoeping, Halmstad and Helsingborg connect you seamlessly to our unrivalled global fleet. From here, the rest of the world is just a short hop away.

Shipping is not just about ships. Most cargo also needs to be transported inland, often at both ends of its journey. That is why we offer intermodal solutions via a comprehensive road and rail network, such as our regular rail service that connects Gothenburg with Norrkoeping, Soedertaelje and Gaevle – connecting Sweden’s growing industries to all corners of the globe.

Propelling your business towards greater growth

Our shipping specialists have in-depth knowledge of the timber, paper and special cargo segments, and are dedicated to ensuring you have the optimal transport solution for your cargo. Whether you need to import or export heavy machinery, refrigerated goods or regular dry cargo, we have the expertise, equipment and capacity to get it to its destination safely and on schedule via a seamless supply chain that is tailored to your needs.

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.