Shipping to Somalia


Maersk Line accepts shipments from the port of Berbera in Somaliland only and does not have acceptance from southern Somalia or from the autonomous region of Puntland.

Exports from Somaliland are brought to the port by conventional trucks and stuffed into containers on the terminal. The maximum weight limit is 28mts or the container payload, whichever is the lower. We have a fortnightly feeder service to Jeddah. The main containerised export commodities from Somaliland are hides and skins, and we keep a stock of liner bags for loading.

Freight charges can be paid in Somaliland with the agreement of our agent, Integrated Shipping Services. 

Documents required for export include a commercial invoice and packing list, also certificate of origin if required by the destination country.

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Please note that the crane limit on our feeder vessel is 30mts, which basis 28mts is the maximum that can be loaded in 20' container and 26mts in a 40' container.

Cargo should be stuffed in the container at least 24 hours before the arrival of the vessel in order to ensure correct loading on board.

Please note that goods prohibited under Islamic law cannot be exported from Somaliland - this includes prohibited foodstuffs, alcohol and printed material. Further, we are unfortunately unable to deal with refrigerated cargo in Berbera at the moment. Oversize, hazardous and special cargo is acceptable on a case by case basis, please contact us with the details.

The major export is skins and hides. Before loading, the container must be fitted with a liner bag to prevent leakage and staining / damage to the container floor. Liner bags are held by our agent in Berbera, Integrated Shipping Services. 

For further information please contact Integrated Shipping Services at

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