Shipping to Sierra Leone

Demurrage and Detention

Area : Ivory Coast Area 
Country : Sierra Leone
Direction : Export
Effective Date : 01/01/2019
Expiry Date : 31/12/2019
Free time : Calendar day basis (i.e. including week-ends and holidays)
Currency : USD 
Invoiced : Per container, per day, as per container type


Detention/Demurrage export

Demurrage starts as from discharge day full on terminal, including vessel arrival, Saturday, Sunday and Publics holidays, amount per day per container

Freetown: SLFNA

Free time:

Days 10 7

Tariff after free time:

Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’ DRY 20’ REEF 40’ REEF
Day 11 – Day 15 4 8 - -
Day 16 - onwards 8 16 - -
Day 8 – Day 12 - - 7 14
ay 13 - onwards - - 14 28


1 - Quotation

Following information to be provided by customer:

  • commodity/equipment
  • port of loading/port of discharging
  • Incoterm
  • volume
  • freight payment mode and place
  • third party to pay, if any
  • advise if any special routing

2 - Booking

Following information to be provided by customer:

  • time of shipment
  • shipper's full style details, same for forwarder
  • issuance of booking note/empty delivery note to shipper

3 - Bill of Lading details:

Once containers are returned full at yards, following information should be provided by shipper:

  • consignee full style details
  • notify party
  • container number
  • seal number
  • package list if necessary, including weight per item

4 - Invoicing/Documents release

Once vessel has sailed/released and cargo is on board*, if local and/or freight charges settled, b/l can be released to shipper**

*There is a possibility of 'RECEIVED' b/l issuance

**Only at shipper demand, Obs'l can be kept at our side or simply not issed, and a telex release is to be sent enabling consignee to take possession of goods without presentation of Obs/l.


1 - No acceptance for logs, but timber may be exported if Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's written authorization is provided.

2 - All shipments of scrap must be accompanied by authoriazation and documentation from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

As part of the US Customs 24 Hour Rule regulations, 'To the order of' bills of lading are not accepted for shipments destined to the US or routed via US ports.

US Customs does equally not accept the commodity descriptions 'Freight all kinds' and 'General merchandise', nor the package type 'pallets'.

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