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Demurrage and Detention

Please be guided by our Demurrage and Detention calculation method, based on below existing tariff, effective from 15th July 2019, until further notice.

20’ 40’
11th- 17 day SCR 146 / DAY SCR 292 /DAY
18th- 24thday SCR 262 / DAY SCR 524/ DAY
25th- 31st day SCR 350/ DAY SCR 700/DAY
Thereafter SCR 525/DAY SCR 1,050/DAY
20’’ RF 40’HCRF
4th-10th day SCR 511/ DAY SCR 1022/ DAY
11th- 17th day SCR 817/ DAY SCR 1,634/ DAY
18th- 24th day SCR 1,226/ DAY SCR 2,452/ DAY
Thereafter SCR 1,635/DAY SCR 3,270/DAY
20’ 40’
6th -12th day SCR 438/ DAY SCR 876/DAY
13th- 19th day SCR 657/ DAY SCR 1,314/ DAY
20th - 26th day SCR 1,095/DAY SCR 2,190/ DAY
Thereafter SCR 1,752/DAY SCR 3,504/ DAY

Effective 15th July 2019, kindly take note of below changes;

  1. We will be moving from the current calculation of Demurrage and Detention from CALENDAR to WORKING DAYS meaning that Sundays & Public holidays falling within the freetime period are to be excluded from the number of freedays allocated. Post freetime all days irrespective of whether a Sunday or Public holiday, are chargeable.
  2. Start date of the calculation will be based on the actual container discharged day as communicated to us by the terminal.
  3. Demurrage and Detention invoices from Maersk will be sent directly to you via email and are expected to be settled through payment to Hunt, Deltel & Co. ltd or settled directly into our bank accounts.

Currency: SCR (Seychelles Rupee)

Containers taken outside the port area are subject to a deposit of:

SCR 20, 000 / TEU / Dry

SCR 40, 000 / TEU / Reefer

For import containers, demurrage and/or freetime is calculated as from discharge date of containers in Victoria. While for export containers, same is calculated as from pick up date from port area.

As per clauses 15.4 of Maersk Bill of Lading, if containers supplied by or on behalf of the Carrier are unpacked at the Merchant's premises, the Merchant is responsible for returning the empty containers with interior clean, odour free and in the same condition as received, to the point of place designated by the Carrier, within the time prescribed. Should a Container not be returned in the condition required and/or within the time prescribed in the Tariff, the Merchant shall be liable for any detention, loss or expense incurred as a result thereof.

Moreover, as per clause 15.5, containers released into the care of the Merchant for packing, unpacking or any other purpose whatsoever are the sole risk of the Merchant until redelivered to the Carrier. The Merchant shall indemnify the Carrier for all loss of and/or damage and/or delay to such Containers. Merchants are deemed to be aware of the dimensions and capacity of any Containers released to them.

Containers must be returned within the prescribed period unless prior arrangements are made and agreed with Maersk.

In order to continue offering our high quality services and unmatched reliability, we are notifying you of our new Demurrage and Detention tariff, as per below table, effective from 1st July 2017, until further notice.

Standard Freetime
Container Type DRY  Reef  Flat & Open Top 
Days 10 
Tariff after Freetime 
Days after free time expiration  20' DRY per day  40' DRY  per day  20' REEF per day  40' REEF  per day  20' special per day  40' special per day   
Day 1-7  USD 14  USD 29  USD 39  USD 79  USD 34  USD 67   
Day 8-14  USD 18  USD 36  USD 56  USD 112  USD 45  USD 90   
Day 15-21  USD 24 USD 48  USD 86  USD 171  USD 75  USD 150   
Day 22+  USD 36  USD 72  USD 114  USD 229  USD 121  USD 243   

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing business with us. We strive to be your reliable shipping partner, propelling your business forward and supporting your growth ambitions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales or customer service representative.

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Fire arms, ammunitions, fireworks, any environmentally protected species
Weight Limitation
Crane: 40 Tons ; Road: 30 Tons
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