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Demurrage and Detention

Effective Date: 01/01/2017

Expiry Date: Until further notice

Freetime and charges per container per calendar day (i.e. including week-ends and holidays) after freetime expires.  

Demurrage export: demurrage directly invoiced from terminal to customers
Detention export: detention starts the day of empty pick up day, ends with gate-in day in terminal

Currency: EUR


  • Shipper’s Own Container is considered as equivalent to corresponding container type 
  • 40´ High and 45´ High containers are considered equal to 40´
  • Special equipment/cargo, such as Flat Racks and Open Top equipment, is considered Shipper’s owned tank with DRY cargo follows freetime & rate of Dry equipment
  • Shipper’s owned tank with IMO cargo follows freetime & rate of IMO
  • NOR (non-operating reefer) is considered as Dry Container

Visit the surcharge definition glossary

Free time:

Type DRY, REEF, Flat & Open top, IMO
Days 30

Tariff after free time:

Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY, REEF, Flat & Open top, IMO 40’ / 40’hc 45’ DRY, REEF, Flat & Open top, IMO
31st  to 60th day 20 40
As from 61th day 25 50

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