Shipping to Republic of the Congo

Demurrage and Detention

The freetime is 13 calendar days into Pointe Noire and 16 days into Brazzaville, to be counted as of the day of vessel arrival.  There are no holidays to be taken into account. Afterwards following rates are applicable:

Type 0-10 days after freetime From Day 11 onward
20’ 4.600 XAF/Day 11.600 XAF/Day
40’ 9.200 XAF/Day 23.200 XAF/Day

Reefers containers


The free time is 7 calendar daysinto Pointe Noire and 10 days into Brazzaville, to be counted as of the day of vessel arrival.  There are no holidays to be taken into account. Afterwards following rates are applicable:

Type Flat rate
20’ 30.200 XAF/Day
40’ 60.400 XAF/Day


General booking procedures:

The bookings have to be sent via email to the following address:

Booking details have to be submitted in writing and have to contain all valid details like:

  • Shippers name and contact details
  • Consignee name and contact details
  • Cargo details (commodity, weight, measurement, etc)
  • Container size
  • Number and type of containers to be booked
  • Loading port

Any other important information

General Documentation Procedures:

All cargo arriving to and departing from Congo must be covered by below listed mandatory documents. These documents provide the relevant agencies with all information. 

The ECTN is the abbreviation for Electronic Cargo Tracking Notice. The ECTN number is known as the NVU (Numéro Visa Unique) and must be mentioned on the Bill of Lading. The ECTN is mandatory both for export and import cargo. 
The Import ECTN must be arranged by the shipper through The Export ECTN must be arranged at Pointe Noire CCC ( Conseil Congolais des Chargeurs) head office by the local exporter. An approved ECTN can be corrected before arrival of the vessel at Pointe Noire. 

Every import shipment must have a COTECNA Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)before loading at origin. PSI must be requested by consignee in The Republic of Congo and delivered to shipper by origin COTECNA agencies after the cargo inspection. For any further queries we advise you to contact your local COTECNA office or by clicking on the following links: 

Following above, COTECNA and ECTN documents must be compulsory be collected and their numbers mentioned on the Bill of Lading. 
Any fines, costs and consequences will be debited to the origin offices for recovery from the shippers.

The Original Bill of Lading (OBL) well endorsed by consignee must be presented to Maersk Congo before taking Delivery Order

Online Manifest

Vessel name  Voyage number  Manifest Entry Number  ETA  Customs desk Number  Manifest number  Operator 
(Nom du Navire) ( Numéro de voyage)  (Numero d'entrée Manifeste)    (Numéro Référence du Bureau  ) (Numéro Manifest)   
PANTHER  1803  165 du 09/03/2018  11/03/2018 141   391  Maersk et Safmarine 
CMA CGM FIGARO  2994  169 du 13/03/2018 17/03/2018  141   415  Maersk et Safmarine 
ROSA  1801  175 du 14/03/2018 16/03/2018  141   419 Maersk et Safmarine
MAERSK LEON  1801  153 du 05/03/2018  07/03/2018  141  365  Maersk et Safmarine 
V SEASPAN LEBU  073W  156 du 06/03/2018  09/03/2018  141  379  Maersk et Safmarine 
SAFMARINE CAMEROUN  1803  150 du 02/03/2018  05/03/2018  141  362  Maersk et Safmarine 
NAVIOS LAPIS  1801 139 du 28/02/2018 02/03/2018  141  336  Maersk et Safmarine 
CMA CGM BIANCA 2954 120 du 20/02/2018 27/02/2018 141 322 Maersk et Safmarine
NORDATLANTIC 1803 133 du 23/02/2018 26/02/2018 141 311 Maersk et Safmarine
SEASPAN LINGUEVGE 010W 119 du 20/02/2018. 23/02/2018 141 296 Maersk et Safmarine
RIO CADIZ 274W 104 du 13/02/2018 20/02/2018 141 279 Maersk et Safmarine
NORTHERN POWER 1801 107 du 15/02/2018 15/02/2018 141 250 Maersk et Safmarine
MIRAMARIN 103W 115 du 20/02/2018 21/02/2018 141 274 Maersk et Safmarine
NORDATLANTIC VGE  1803  133 du 23/02/2018    141  311  Maersk et Safmarine  
SEASPAN LINGUEVGE  010W  119 du 20/02/2018  23/02/2018  141  296  Maersk et Safmarine   
CMA CGM BIANCA  2954  120 du 20/02/2018 27/02/2018  141  322  Maersk et Safmarine  
MIRAMARIN VGE   103W  115 du 20/02/2018  21/02/2018  141  274  Maersk et Safmarine 
NORTHERN POWER VGE  1801  107 du 15/02/2018  15/02/2018  141  250 Maersk et Safmarine  
JPO GEMINI  1801  112 du 15/02/2018 19/02/2018  141  273  Maersk et Safmarine 
RIO CADIZ VGE  274W  104 du 13/02/2018  20/02/2018  141  279  Maersk et Safmarine  

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.