Shipping to Qatar

Import Shipment Details

Demurrage and Detention

COMBINED DETENTION & DEMURRAGE - IMPORTS (Not applicable for SPOT shipments)

Free time: 

DAYS 5 3 3  3

Tariff after free time:

Days after freetime expiration 20' DRY/NOR 40'/45' DRY/HC/NOR Days after freetime expiration 20' REEF 40' REEF 20'FLAT / OPEN TOP 40'FLAT / OPEN TOP 20'IMO 40'IMO
Day 6 – 9 85 170 Day 4 - 7 250 500 150 300 85 170
Day 10 – 16 170 340 Day 8 – 14 500 1000 300 600 170 340
Day 17 onwards 340 680 Day 15 onwards 1000 2000 600 1200 340 680


SPOT Imports - Dry (General Equipments)

20' (QAR) 40' (QAR)
Day 1 to 14 Free Free
Day 15 to 18 350 700
Day 19 onwards 350 700



Import free time for specific commodities 

Import free time for Vehicles and Autoparts
(HS codes : 004601,004602,004603,004604,004605,004606,004607,004608,004609)

Combined Demurrage and Detention
Combined demurrage and detention starts from discharge day (included), ends with gate-in empty day (included) to terminal.

Free time:

DAYS 14 - - -

Remark: Storage not applicable and collected by terminal directly

Tariff after free time:  As per above new tariff (progressive slabs)


DG Import shipment to DOHA,Qatar

All DG shipments to DOHA need Port approval prior vessel arrival. If Port approval categories as DIRECT DELIVERY consignee need to arrange delivery direct from vessel on arrival, and if approval categories INDIRECT DELVIERY consignee can take delivery from CY . In both scenarios PORT APPROVAL is must and in absence of port approval prior vessel arrival Port also reserve the right not to discharge Indirect delivery containers while Direct delivery containers mandatory remain on board and return back to last transshipment port. In scenario container Retain on board (ROB) USD 775/container ROB charges shall apply basis arrival of shipment in next voyage to Doha port.”

Any Import shipment arriving Qatar with personal effects containers where Consignee is person name, its mandatory to have Notify party as registered forwarding agent with complete details including Address / TEL / FAX / EMAIL OR C/O ADDRESS.

Bitumen is not allowed to be imported in Qatar. Any bookings done to Qatar with commodity as Bitumen should not be accepted.

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