Shipping to Poland

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.


Deadlines for AE10 vessels departed from DCT Gdańsk: Cargo cut-off VGM cut-off Shipping instructions cut-off IMO cut-off for final DGD Container matching deadline
Friday 06:00 Thursday 18:00 Friday 06:00 Wednesday12:00 Thursday 08:00

Local Charges

Charge Charge type Amount
Change of destination fee (COD)  per container   USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Administrative Cost (CAD) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Applies if T/S port remains the same, amendment related to the final port of discharge. Must be requested 96hrs before the arrival to the T/S port   per b/l  USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Extra Restows (CED) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Acceptance of the extra costs associated is must.  per container   USD 300 + extra costs associated 
fee applicable if booking planned for next week departure ex PLGDN is cancelled/amended/reduced after MON 1200 week before vessel departure. per container USD 50
Origin Dangerous Cargo Service (inland haulage of IMO cargo for all types of transport modes) per container PLN 150
 Renomination fee*
*charge is applied to container, which is already gated in at terminal DCT Gdansk, and is rebooked to next vessel and/or new discharge port, due to customer request / action
per container  EUR 30 
Documentation Fee (ODF) – valid from 1st January 2018 (PCD)  per B/L  EUR 35 
Documentation Fee (ODF) – valid before 1stJanuary 2018 (PCD)  per B/L  EUR 30 
Origin Certificate Charge   per certificate EUR 55
Multi Stop Service – valid till 4th November 2018  Multi-stop charge  0 - 25 km / 0 EUR
25 - 50 km / 45 EUR
above 50 km / individual rate
Multi Stop Service – valid from 5th November 2018  Multi-stop charge 0-25 km / 0 EUR
26-40 km / 40 EUR
41-60 km / 60 EUR
61-80 km / 80 EUR
81-100 km / 100 EUR
More than 100 km / quoted case by case 
VGM discrepancy fee (GWM)  per container per correction EUR 30 

Waiting Time Fee:

8 hrs free for TRK
4 hrs free for RCO
20 EUR / hr
250 EUR / day 

This fee is applied to shipments when trucks have to wait at a stop longer than 8hrsr where mode of transport is Truck and 4hrs where the mode of transport is Rail Combined due to customer’s decision/delays. This fee is applicable for every hour above free time, but maximum amount for one day equals to a daily rate 

Pick-up tariff effective for 01/07/2018-31/12/2018

Please find below the overview of the available locations for container pick-ups for export (subject to equipment availability):

Pick up 20' DC 40' DC/HC
Poland EUR EUR
Euroterminal Slawkow - for port of loadings Gdansk 50 100
Euroterminal Slawkow - for all port of loadings except Gdansk free free
Katy Wroclawskie free free
Loconi Intermodal Warszawa free free
PCC Kutno free free
Kollbuszowa free free
Lodz free free
Szamotuly free free

Applicable ruling for pick-up:

All related container handling costs at inland terminals will be on account of Maersk Line
Pick up fees will continue to be reviewed on quaterly basis
Rules of engagement related to container pick-up at sea terminals/depots of Gdańsk and Szczecin remain unchanged

Demurrage and Detention

Export Demurrage free time

Ports of Gdańsk and Szczecin in Poland
Dry cargo 9 calendar days (day of gate in included)
Reefer cargo 7 calendar days (day of gate in included)

Note: IMO cargo follows the free days of dry containers

Export Detention free time
All cargo types 5 calendar days (day of gate in included)

Export Demurrage and Detention charges after Free Time

Ports of Gdańsk and Szczecin in Poland
Special equipment follows the charges of dry containers.
Equipment size DRY REEFER DRY - IMO
20' EUR 13.00 (days 1-7) EUR 53.00 (days 1-7) EUR 13.00 (days 1-7)
EUR 23.00 (day 8 - onwards) EUR 83.00 (day 8 - onwards) EUR 23.00 (day 8 - onwards)
40' EUR 13.00 (days 1-7) EUR 53.00 (days 1-7) EUR 13.00 (days 1-7)
EUR 23.00 (days 8 onwards) EUR 83.00(day 8 - onwards) EUR 23.00 (days 8 onwards)
45' EUR 13.00 (days 1-7) EUR 13.00 (days 1-7)
EUR 23.00 (days 8 onwards) EUR 23.00 (days 8 onwards)

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