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Demurrage and Detention

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Demurrage and/or Detention Calculator



Our free time offer is Combined Demurrage & Detention. Standard free time are 9 days combined DnD for DRY and 5 days combined DnD for REEFER .


This means you will have one combined free time period and compensation for utilization of equipment inside and outside of terminals or depots, referred to as Combined Demurrage & Detention, from vessel discharge to gate in empty.


From July 1st, 2018 (based on container discharged from vessel at final destination) we will change the calculation method for our import detention and demurrage for customers with special extended free time from traditional to progressive tier structure. After the extended free time expires, any additional days will be subject to the demurrage and detention charges as per the relevant day count in our tariff tier structure. This means that the subsequent demurrage and detention charges beyond extended free time will not automatically be calculated basing on the tariffs of 1st tier as before.


Import combined Demurrage and Detention Tariff:


20’ DRY /IMO

40’ /40’HC

45’DRY / IMO

20’ REEF/

40’ REEF/




Flat & Open top

Flat & Open top

Day 1-5




Day 6-10




Day 11-15




Day 16 onwards




Day 1-9




Day 10-14




Day 15-19




Day 20 onwards







Commodity Note
Right-hand drive vehicles (RHD) Importation of ALL right-hand drive vehicles is banned from entering any Philippine port.
Used vehicles, used car parts and components Importation of all used vehicles, used parts and components is banned from entering any Philippine port except the following:
Used vehicles, used car parts and components - Used parts and components for replacement purposes
Used clothing merchandise - Trucks in excess of 2.5tons (not including pickup trucks which are considered as normal cars)
  - Buses above 6tons
  - Diplomatic cars
  - Special purpose vehicles (includes fire trucks, ambulances, funeral hearses, crane lorries, tractor heads, boom trucks, tanker trucks, tank lorries, refrigerated trucks, mobile drilling derricks, pump trucks, aerial flat-form trucks, street sweepers, vacuum trucks, garbage compactors, self loader trucks, man lift trucks, lighting trucks, trucks mounted with special purpose equipment, and all other types of vehicles designed for a specific use)
  - Parts and components of above vehicles
  Completely Knocked Down and Complete Built Units of Cars and SUV's are not acceptable till end April 2008
  We will NOT be accepting any FREIGHT COLLECT shipments of used vehicles, used car parts and components. However, exemptions can be given after prior consultation with import offices involved in the Philippines with PHISALMNG in copy.
  Importation of used clothing such as garments, bed clothes, bags and shoes is prohibited into the Philippines
Donation/Relief cargoes No acceptance.
Donation/Relief cargoes For cargoes not declared as donation/releif goods but consignedtolocal government units or representatives, i.e. "Province of..." or "Governor of..." or "Mayor of...", please check consignee details with our Import department ( prior to booking acceptance. It is imperative that these checks be made before shipments take place.
Rice, cigarettes, vegetables, garlic Please consult with our Import department ( prior acceptance of cargo
Dangerous cargo IMO class 2to6, 8and9 are accepted in the Philippines. IMO 1and7 are restricted. Various clearances from government agencies should be secured prior to the arrival of the feeder vessel, and the consignee has to present the required documents to our Operations and/or our Import Departments for approval to load and move cargo
LCL Dangerous cargo Not acceptable to ALL Philippine ports
LCL cargo Not acceptable to any Philippine outports (Manila only)
All forms of scrap All forms of waste / recyclable materials are conditionally acceptable for imports to the PHILIPPINES, subject to the following requirements; Consignee should already have secured the following requirements prior acceptance.
Below arethechecklist of Information Requirements for Import Clearance of Hazardous Waste/Recyclable Materials:
1. Official Letter of Request
2. Accomplished Application Form
3. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
4. Permits to Operate
5. Notification/Consent of Exporting Country
6. Registered/Accredited Recycler o DENRIDNumber
7. Insurance (Shipment)
8. Purchase Order
9. Last Bill of Lading
10. Affidavit of Joint Undertaking of Exporter/Importer

Weight and measurement

Acceptance of Out of Gauge (OOG) and Break Bulk (B/B) cargo is subject to approval and are to be co-ordinated with our Operations ( Import departments (

Maximum Road Acceptance: O/H 4'6" (basis 8'6"/40'std), for artificial tween decks, flat racks,and open top containers

Maximum Weight Per Port (Standard Dry Containers):

  • Manila North PHMNL: 40 tons
  • Manila South PHMNS: 40 tons
  • Batangas PHBTG: 36 tons
  • Subic PHSBC: 40 tons
  • Cebu PHCEB: 41 tons
  • Cagayan de Oro PHCGY: 38 tons
  • Davao (Sasa Wharf) PHDVOSW: 34 tons
  • General Santos PHGSJMW: 28 tons

Special cargoes

OOG and B/B cargo is subject to extra handling charges which depend on shipments' dimension and weight.

All OOG shipments should be pre-approved by local operations team before release of booking confirmation. Kindly raise to for assistance.

 For every OOG inquiry, we need:

  • Cargo pictures
  • Picture/diagram showing how cargo is loaded on the flat rack
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

Clausing and documentation

Personal/Household Goods and CARS/automobile should not be updated together in one BL. 

CBM is mandatory as per local customs regulations. 

Shipping Marks must have a default value "NO MARKS", it cannot be blank. Also custom system will reject BL when input is used with lower case (small letter). 

It is mandatory to indicate the freight charge in the BL copy and chop and initial the correction in the BL instead of issuing individual certification to each particular shipment. If no Freight BL is issued, customs official will also accept Chopped BL (manually added freight charges on our BL) issued by our Customer Service counter. 

Errors and omissions excluded. 

Please be guided that HS codes are now mandatory information needed in BL description in all shipments bound to the Philippines based on 6-HS code standard codes. The complete public advisory can be downloaded from this link:

Content and applicable terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Vessel Arrival Details

Import Vessel Arrival - Click here

Rider Manifests are required to be submitted to Maersk from all Forwarders with incoming shipments bound to Subic, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and General Santos. To ensure your Rider Manifest is included together with our Inward Foreign Manifest (IFM) submission, please submit your rider manifest here.

For Arrival Notice Requests, click here.

For BL Copy Requests, click Here.

Dates for arrivals and departures are local date and time and estimates  are given without guarantee and subject to change without prior notice.'


Delivery Order Guidelines

Click here for Delivery Order Guidelines and Requirements.

Empty Return Depot

Empty Return - Click here


Kindly note that empty returns should not go directly to MIP without valid pre-advise. 

** For bookings bound for Australia and New Zealand, pull-out locations will only be from PRLI Onestop and IHTC Malvar Batangas. 
All Empty Pre-advise request should be sent to and will be confirmed thru e-mail before proceeding to MIP (Double transactions only) and for ATI SOUTH (Double Transactions)

EMAIL Requests starts from 8:30am to 5:30pm OFFICE HOURS Monday-Saturday only.                                   
** For MNHPI Pier 16 Returns  EMAIL to:                            
** Effective June 24, 2019 All BCT empty return proceed to TROY DANILE for inspections and Empty Preadvise.
****Pre-advise will be confirmed thru e-mail before proceeding to MIP.  All Pre-advised unit/s must BOOK on TABS prior to MICT policy.
*****MNHPI-Pier 16:  No Empty acceptance for any types of Damage containers.

Guidelines for direct linking:

  • Pre-advise will only be valid for maximum of 24 hrs. after confirmation, afterwhich the pre-advise will be void.
  • Voided units should be requested again for pre-advise subject to slot availability.

Kindly include container size and type for the containers to be link for easy processing.
This is to avoid empty downfall and load permit issues during vessel operations which will result in shut-out charges, and maximize vessel slots.
Implementation of EIR Stamping for Diverted Containers
We have implemented that for all empty returns that will not be accepted or diverted to other container yards (CY)'s due to congestion, no acceptance of specific equipment type and/or depot closure, our depot personnel will put a stamp on your Equipment Interchange Receipts (EIR) . Please note that this is effective immediately.
Should you experience a similar instance, please remind your trucker to look for the Maersk personnel to have the EIR stamped.
Please be reminded of the following information that should be included with the stamp:

-depot name
-date and time of incident
-details of new depot (if diverted)
-reason for diversion/non-acceptance
-signature of Maersk representative
*Note: All four (4) copies of your EIR should be stamped.

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