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Demurrage and Detention

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Tariff charges effective 1 January 2017

Export : Our setup in Philippines will be Split Demurrage and Detention.

This means you will have separate free time and compensation for utilisation of equipment inside (Demurrage) and outside (Detention) of terminals or depots.

The Demurrage Export will be calculated based on the actual “Load” date of the container, there will a change from vessel ETD to Load. Calculation method remains the same as Traditional Calculation.

Export Demurrage Tariff

Days (PHP) 20’ DRY /IMO 40’ / 40’HC /IMO 45’ DRY /IMO 20’ REEF/ Flat & Open top 40’ REEF/ Flat & Open top
Day 1-5 0 0
Day 6-10 2000 4000
Day 11-15 4000 6000
Day 16 onwards 6000 8000
Day 1-7 0 0 0
Day 8-12 1000 2000 2000
Day 13-17 2000 4000 4000
Day 18 onwards 3000 6000 6000

Export Detention Tariff

Days (PHP) 20’ DRY /IMO 40’ / 40’HC /IMO 45’ DRY /IMO 20’ REEF/ Flat & Open top 40’ REEF/ Flat & Open top
Day 1-3 0 0
Day 4-8 2000 4000
Day 9-13 4000 6000
Day 14 onwards 6000 8000
Days (PHP) 20’ DRY /IMO 40’ / 40’HC /IMO 45’ DRY /IMO 20’ REEF/ Flat & Open top 40’ REEF/ Flat & Open top
Day 1-5 0 0 0
Day 6-10 1000 2000 2000
Day 11-15 2000 4000 4000
Day 16 onwards 3000 6000 6000

If you have any further queries, please get in touch with your local Maersk representative or Maersk Customer Service.

Pre Advise Guidelines

Pre Advise (for Manila and Subic Export): Please click here.

Pre Advise (Batangas Export) Please click here.


Our various export procedures are outlined below for your easy reference but should you need further assistance you may contact our Manila Customer Service at +63 2 9769590 or send an email to ( For our other branches contact details please visit the our 'Offices & contact' page.

Internet bookings and submission of transport document instructions (TDI)

To start submitting booking requests and transport document instructions to us via our website you need to be a registered user. Please log on to and follow the steps outlined below to become a registered user.

  1. Click on the 'Register' link which can be found on the upper right hand portion of your screen, You should now be redirected to the 'New User' registration page.
  2. Before registering please read through our terms and conditions/privacy policy.
  3. Enter all required information in the Registration Form, and click 'OK'
  4. Your registration will now be submitted for processing and once this has been finalized you will receive an email or fax notification informing you that your digital certificate is ready for downloading.
  5. Follow the instructions provided in the notification to downloading your digital certificate. If followed correctly, your digital certificate should automatically be installed in your PC. Kindly note that the computer you used to register should be the same one in which your digital certificate will be installed.
  6. Once your digital certificate has been installed, you may now log in and access all our online services. For more detailed instructions on e-booking and e-Shipping Instructions, kindly contact your local Maersk office.

*If for any reason you need to submit manually, please use the following forms:

1. Manual Booking Form: completely fill out the form and sent only to Please note that the processing is subject to Manual Booking Fee of USD 40.00.

2. Manual Shipping Instructions Form: completely fill out the form and send only to Please note that the processing is subject to Manual Documentation Fee of USD 40.00.

Transport Document Instructions (TDI) Submission

Please submit complete and accurate shipping instructions within deadlines to ensure timely processing of your Bill of Lading (BL) and invoices. Otherwise, inaccurate and/or incomplete shipping instructions may delay cargo release at destination and may cause halting of cargo for US and EU-bound shipments.

The following are mandatory shipping instructions (SI) elements that you need to provide. Those with asterisk (*) are additional mandatory ENS data elements needed to process summary declaration (ENS) 24 hours before cargo in laden aboard a vessel that enter the EU.  

Requirements US Europe
Booking Number  x x
Shipper Name and Complete Address  x x
Consignee Name and Complete Address   x x
Notify Party  x x
Service Contract Number  x x
Port of Loading  x x
Port of Discharge   x
Final Destination  x x
Container Number  x x
Number of Packages  x x
Gross Weight  x x
Package and Cargo Description n/a x
Payment Terms  x x
Seal Number  x x
4 digit HS Commodity Code  n/a x
UN Code for Dangerous Goods  n/a x
Transport charges mentioned of payment code  n/a x

Content and applicable terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


 Please check the attached Refund Requirements and Procedures and Refund Form.


•Please check the attached Cargo Claims Guide and Requirements for Cargo Claims for your guidance.



Commodity Note
Used products We shall not accept any shipment of USED PRODUCTS (used cars, machinery, equipment, furniture, spare parts etc.) to Yemen in view of their local customs law.
New motor cycles Export of NEW MOTOR CYCLES to Yemen is not acceptable as advised by their local customs authorities.
Scrap metal   We shall not accept any shipment of SCRAP METAL to India. For other destinations, acceptance will be on a case-to-case basis only and subject to local management's approval

Fumigated containers

Fumigating containers is a regular requirement for almost all organic fiber, handicraft and furniture exports. Since we receive a substantial volume of fumigated containers every week, we would like to explain to you how we handle these containers.

Fumigated containers are classified as DANGEROUS according to the IMDG Code. It is very important that we properly declare these containers to ensure that they are stowed on deck, away from reefers and away from the accommodation of the vessel crew. In order for us to comply with the requirements, our customer service and operations personnel will need certain information to facilitate and ensure proper declaration.

If you require your containers to be fumigated, please be guided by the following procedures which we request you to follow.

    • When booking your cargo, please inform our customer service personnel that the container is to be fumigated.
    • The following information should be given:
      • Fumigant to be used, e.g. METHYL BROMIDE, PHOSPHINE GAS, etc.
      • Fumigator, telephone number and contact person
    • Submit the JOB ORDER or FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE with the complete detais, i.e. date, dosage, fumigant, exposure times, etc.
    • Ensure that the WARNING LABEL is pasted on the four sides of the container.
    • Instruct your trucker to declare the container as fumigated at the gate upon delivery.
    • Ensure that your trucker has copies of the job order and fumigation certificate (if available) as these will be asked for at the gate upon delivery.


Furthermore, containers that are ventilated after fumigation are not to be declared as dangerous. Required ventilation time is at least 48 hours. Further, a certificate of ventilation must be submitted upon delivery to give assurance that the container is free from any trace of the fumigant used.

The safety of our vessel, vessel crew and your cargo is our priority. It is therefore very important that we adhere to the safety requirements of the vessel.

Special cargoes

Dangerous Cargo Acceptance

IMO class 2-6, 8-9 accepted in the Philippines. IMO 1 and 7 are restricted. Various clearances from government agencies should be secured prior to the arrival of the feeder vessel, and the consignee has to present the required documents to Operations and/or Import Department for approval to load and move cargo.

LCL cargo is acceptable from Manila and Cebu ports only.

Carbon Black is prohibited (IMO 4.2) however Carbon Black of Mineral origin is acceptable provided said wording is included on the bill of lading.

Content and applicable terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Export Vessel Departure

Export Vessel Departure - Click here


Vessel Departure Details

  • Kindly ensure to strictly follow CUT OFFS pertaining to Arrastre payments, Export Document submission, Pre-Advise, Storage and Terminal Fees settlement
  • Requests for extensions due to non-payment of Arrastre, Wharfage, Storage or Terminal fees will no longer be accommodated. Shipping line will no longer guarantee except for carrier initiated causes.
  • Effective Week 2 of 2016, should there be any unpaid charges (Arrastre, Wharfage, Storage or Terminal fees) and documents (Export Declaration) not submitted within cut-off, containers will be shut-out and shipper/customer will need to settle the corresponding shut-out charges at the Terminal.

Pull-out Empty Depot

Pullout Empty - Click here



** For bookings bound for Australia and New Zealand, pull-out locations will only be from PRLI Onestop and IHTC Malvar Batangas.  
*Kindly note in case of no more available 40dc foodgrade in OneStop we will issue 40hc as equ sub”

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