Shipping to Panama

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Operator Maersk
Port/Terminal Names All Ports
Valid to 31st December 2020
Charge Type Import - Combined D&D

Combined Demurrage and Detention – Merchant Haulage (CY)

Our setup in Panama consist of Combined Demurrage & Detention.

This means you will have one combined free time period and compensation fee for utilization of equipment inside and outside of terminals or depots.

Service Type Free Time DRY IMO Special Equipment Reefer
Days CY 7 4 7 4
Tariff per day after free time DRY IMO Special Equipment Reefer
Day 8 to 12 100 100
Day +13th 120 120
Day 5 to 11 125 125
Day +12th 150 150

Demurrage & Detention: will count from discharge full (included) to empty return (gate-in) of the equipment in terminal or depot
Special equipment: Open tops, flat racks and out of gauge cargo.
Non-Operating Reefer: DnD rules for Reefer equipment will apply to NORs as well.
IMO class: (hazardous) is considered a separate type of cargo.
Merchant Haulage: Warehouse / final leg of transport moves that are not coordinated by Maersk and BL showing container yard (CY) service type.
Note: Free time is granted by equipment type and all sizes are considered, example given DRY free time is applicable for 20, 40 & 45’equipment. 

Download : Import - Maersk - Panama


Customs and quarantine requirements

  • Customer must present one original bill of lading.
  • Commercial invoice
  • Customer must present a customs clearance document (liquidacion de aduana),for Colon Free Zone delivery free zone document duly completed.
  • Import zoosanitary or phitosanitary and origin certificates for unprocessed animal and vegetal product.

Freight collect approval

For dry containers, charges are accepted without previous notification. For reefer, hazardous, OOG, B/B, personal effects containers are subject to pre-approval, which must be obtained before loading.

Special cargoes 

OOG, B/B and IMO cargo are subject to standard Maersk Line approval procedures. 

Types of BLs

Negotiable Bill of Lading (Original Bill of Lading):

1.    This BL can be printed and send by shipper via courier from origin
2.    Shipper can request Telex Release order
3.    Original BL printing can be assigned by shipper from origin for consignee to be able to print at Panama

Please note this BL can be endorsed
Non Negotiable Sea Waybill
Consignee requires a copy or certified true copy of this BL to seal the release. If you require a freighted or not freighted copy of this BL, you may kindly send an email to to request the copy.

Necessary Documentation for Release:

1.    Official letter of authorization stating responsible person to withdraw release at the counters on behalf of the company
2.    Check or deposit slip paying the import charges
3.    BL originals or Sea Waybill copy

Necessary Documentation to retrieve transport orders:

1.    Booking confirmation
2.    Official letter containing the responsible person to retrieve the documentation on behalf of company (Name, ID, Trucking Company Name, Plate)
3.    ID or passport copy of the person signing the official letter


Email Adresses for Customer Service Panama

For your convenience and in the means to improve our response time, we kindly remind you the email adresses we have for each areas in a shipment.
Booking confirmations Arrival Notice Cutoffs 
Documentation/Cargo Delivery Extensions
Booking / BL Amendments that are not feasible using webpage Freighted/ Not-Freighted BL Copies (Import Shipments) Booking Rolling Letters
Destination Release Import Detention Confirmation
Re-exports Release Enquiries, Telex Release Enquiries Containers Relations
Triangulations Late Addition Application
General Export Enquiries


  • Road Weight Limitation in Panama: 31,900 Kg (GROSS WEIGHT) for 20', 40' and 45'units. For units that exceed this weight, a fine will be received from Local Transit Authority according to local laws. 
  • Not acceptable in PABLB, PAMAN IMO CLASS 1.1/1.2/5.1 (UNNO 1490)/7

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