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Demurrage and Detention

Freetime and Demurrage & Detention

Days 7 5 3

Tariff after free time

Days after free time expiration 20' DRY per day 40' DRY per day 20' REEF per day 40' REEF per day 20' special per day 40' special per day
Day 1 - 7 USD 22 USD 44 USD 100 USD 200 USD 45 USD 90
Day 8 - 14 USD 32 USD 64 USD 125 USD 250 USD 60 USD 120
Day 15 - 21 USD 47 USD 94 USD 150 USD 320 USD 90 USD 160
Day 22+ USD 55 USD 110 USD 150 USD 320 USD 90 USD 190

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Vessel Proforma cut-off

Cy cut off
Service Proforma ETA Proforma Eth Normal Reefer/Dg Garment + LAR
Safari Sun/2300 Tue/1500 Sat/2200 Mon/1000 Sun/1400
Protea Tue/0700 Wed/1500 Sun/1500 Mon/2300 Mon/1500 + 1800
M-Express Mon/2300 Tue/2300 Sun/1500 Mon/2300 Mon/1200 + 1800
IOI Thur/1500 Fri/2300 Tue/2300 Thurs/1400 Wed/1800 + 2200
Feeder Toamasina Wed/0700 Thur/2200 Mon/2300 Wed/1000 Tue/1500 + 1800

Above only a quick and indicative guide on vessel deadlines/ Updated vessel deadline can be refered to through our daily vessel news

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