Shipping to Malaysia

Get up-to-date local information about holiday periods, charges, payment services, inland transport procedures and restrictions, and more.

Inland Haulage

Inland haulage includes transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container by truck and/or rail.

We ensure that your products are moved at the right time to the right place. Whatever your need for inland transportation, you can count on us to deliver an effective and cost efficient inland haulage service.

Our offering includes:

  • Multiple modes of transport
  • Large network of quality transport providers
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance
  • Timely pick-up and delivery
  • One-stop-shopping combining your land and ocean transport needs
For more details about our services, please contact us:
Kuala Lumpur:
Phone: + 60 7 5042510
Fax: + 60 7 5042520
Phone: + 60 4 2280808
Fax: + 60 4 2280505
Phone: + 60 7 5042510
Fax: + 60 7 5042520

Local Payment Options

Details of Bank Account Name and Number

Herewith are the details of our bank accounts for your records. Please ensure that settlements of our invoices are paid or remitted to the below listed bank accounts:

Freight receivables for Maerskline - MYR

Account Number : 301-224655-101
Currency : MYR
Swift Code : HBMBMYKL
Beneficiary : Maersk Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Bank Name : HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Bank Address : 2, Leboh Ampang, 50100 KL

Freight receivables for Maerskline - USD

Account Number: 301-224655-725
Currency : USD
Swift Code : HBMBMYKL
Beneficiary : Maersk Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Bank Name : HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Bank Address : 2, Leboh Ampang, 50100 KL 

All Cheque(s) should be crossed and made payable to Maersk Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  Should you have any other queries, please feel free to contact our office. Thank you for your attention!

For Shipments loading from Malaysia, proof of payment can be sent to

Customs House Brokerage

Global knowledge and local expertise in customs formalities

Due to the special nature of "clearing" cargo, it is important to know the variations in customs practices across the world. We can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations for both export and import cargoes and at origin and destination. Our local customs house brokerage experts know what the variations are.

We offer efficient and timely customs house brokerage including:

  • Full customs clearance
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Bonded transit movements
  • Document management

"We are experienced in handling clearance for various industries; FMCG, food, chemical, DG goods, retail, electronics and apparel. We have our own Customs Clearance operations in Major ports: Penang, Port Klang, TPP and Pasir Gudang."

For more details, please contact: +603 8026 6688

Value Added Services

We understand the complexity and complications you might face when shipping internationally, especially on different trade regulations of importing countries.

We can help you to save the trouble with the two most common value-added services that are offered in our facilities.

  • Fumigation: A treatment method to exterminate pests and disease, most countries require fumigation for certain commodities that are considered as high risk to keep goods and commodities safe from pest infestation to import to the country. We work with professional certified fumigation supplier to provide hassle free service to you. You will receive a fumigation certificate indicating in detail the type of treatment conducted on the commodity, so your containers are safe to be exported to the destination country.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection: Some countries impose mandatory Pre-Shipment Inspection on certain commodities or all shipments entering the country for quality control and regulation compliance. We offer range of inspection services that are approved under regulation of the importing countries to save you from the potential risks and exposure when your shipment arrive at destination country.

These services are offered in our facility in Tanjung Pelepas and Port Klang (West Port). For more details, please contact: +603 8026 6688

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.