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Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

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Demurrage and Detention

Detention(Applicable for export containers in all ports in Madagascar )
Dry Cargo 10 Calender days Applicable from pick-up date from depot
Reefer Cargo 7 Calender days Applicable from pick-up date from depot
Special Equipment (Open top, Flat rack, etc..) 7 Calender days Applicable from pick-up date from depot
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Day Amount (EUR)
20' dry Flat rate 9
40' dry Flat rate 19
20' reefer Flat rate 102
40' reefer Flat rate 205
20' Special Equipment Flat rate 19
40' Special Equipment Flat rate 37

Above conditions and tariff are applicable for export container from the date the empty container is picked up from depot till the date the container are gated in terminal for exports.

Any damage or loss of the container will be invoiced separately


Export bookings are handled through our website's booking module. You only need to register yourself with on the Maersk website to gain access to directly book onto your computer.

If you require assistance with the registration and installing the digital certificate, there is a LIVE HELP function available any time, or you can contact your nearest Maersk Agent.

Sailing Schedules can be obtained directly from our website, or you can contact your nearest Maersk Agents for assistance or send an Email to &



OOG cargo only accepted to/from Toamasina, subject to our standard procedures. 
IMO cargo accepted to/from Toamasina , subject to our standard procedures. 
Break Bulk cargo acceptance remains limited to Toamasina and requires prior approval from the Management. 
Chilled reefers accepted to/from Toamasina, subject to our standard procedures.

No acceptance from Madagascar for following commodities:

  • Vanilla
  • Essential oils
  • Cobalt
  • Scrap Metal (Metal, aluminium, copper waste)
  • Wood, Timber, any kind of wood.
  • Charcoal
  • Medicinal plants
  • Archaeological/ Historical objects

No acceptance in all Secondary ports as mentioned under Service Points.

Weight / Measurement:

Weight restrictions in Madagascar is 32 Tons (Including tare)
No acceptance of 45' containers in Madagascar.

Vessel schedule & cut-off

Booking cut off: ETA/ETB (estimated berthing date) – 60 hours

VGM cut off: ETA/ETB - 30 hours working days

SI cut off: ETA/ETB – 24 hours working days

ECO cut off: ETA/ETB – 48 hours

Gate opening: ETA/ETB - 5 days

CY closing: ETA/ETB time – 6 hours

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

The Toamasina Terminal (MICTSL) do not have a “No VGM, No Gate-in” policy and thus accept packed containers at the gate when a VGM is absent.

Please keep in mind that while the terminal may accept the container, Maersk will still require a VGM as a condition for loading a vessel thus the VGM will need to be submitted 30 hours Prior to Vessel ETA.

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