Shipping to Liberia

Demurrage and Detention

Area : Ivory Coast Area 
Country : Liberia
Direction : Export
Effective Date : 01/01/2019
Expiry Date : 31/12/2019
Free time : Calendar day basis (i.e. including week-ends and holidays)
Currency : USD 
Invoiced : Per container, per day, as per container type


Detention Export

Free time 14 days for Dry Containers delivered to customer. Day of release (gate out empty) included, Saturday, Sunday and Publics holidays.            

+ Monrovia: LRMLW

Free time:

Type DRY Flat & Open top REEF IMO
Days 14 14 - -

Tariff after free time:

Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’ DRY 20’ REEF 40’ REEF 20’SP 20’SP
Day 15 – Day 19 20 40 - - 20 40
Day 20 - above 30 60 - - 30 60



Customers can request rates online see » Rates handbook or fill the » Rate Request Form and email to (


Customers can make booking(s) online see » Online Booking handbook or send Email to ( for your booking(s). Once booking(s) has been confirmed, a release letter would be issued to customer to obtain containers from the container yard in the port.

Bill of Lading details

Once containers have been stuffed and returned full to the container yards, customers can submit shipping instruction(s) online see » Online Documentation handbook or fill the standard » shipping instruction template and send to (

NOTE: Only registered customers can request rate(s), make booking(s) and/or submit shipping(s) instructions online. If you are not registered and would like to, please visit our website » and click on 'Register' (at the top right corner of the page).

Invoicing/Documents release

Once vessel has sailed/released and cargo is on board*, if local and/or freight charges settled, b/l can be released to shipper**

*There is a possibility of 'RECEIVED' b/l issuance

**Only at shipper demand can Obl/s be kept at our side or simply not issued, and a telex release sent to destination enabling consignee take possession of goods without presentation of Obl/s.


Weight restrictions 

The maximum safe working load (SWL) acceptable for Liberia is 28 metric tons net.


45 ft containers are now accepted. 
Reefer container exports are now accepted

Special cargos

Out of gauge (OOG), break bulk(B/B) and IMO cargo are subject to the standard Maersk approval procedures.

Bill of lading restrictions

As part of the U.S Customs 24 Hour Rule regulations, ' To the order of ' bills of lading are not accepted for shipments destined to the U.S or routed via U.S. Customs in U.S also does not accept commodity descriptions ' Freight all kinds' and General merchandise' nor the package type ' pallets'.

Export Restricted Goods

The following commodities are banned from export:

  • Unprocessed rubber latex and rubber lumps
  • Wild life animals classified as endangered species and their products e.g. elephant, monkey, zebra etc.
  • For timber export, appropriate documentation needs to be provided e.g. Clearance and export permit from the Forestry Development Agency (FDA), SGS certificate etc

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.