Shipping to Lebanon

Local Charges

Export Local Charges
Charges  Beirut Currency Application
20' 40' 40'HC 45'
ODF Origin Documentation Fee  15 USD Per TPDoc
Late Amendment fees 50   Per TPDoc amended after departure
OBL issuance fees 20   Re-issuance after returning 3 OBLs
Telex Release 20 USD Per TPDoc
Late Bill of Lading pick after 15 days until 30 days 50 USD Per TPDoc (15 Calendar days from vessel sailing)
Each 15 days after the 1st 15 calender days from vessel sailing 50 USD Per TPDoc 
Change of Destination 300 USD Per Container
Import and X-trade Local Charges
Charges  Beirut Currency
20' 40' HC 45'
Delivery Order 27     USD
Freight Collect Charge  for Cash customers(Percentage of Basic freight - Freight currency)  2$ per 1000$     USD
B/L Issuing Charge - Per BL 20     USD
Amendment Fees 25     USD
Equipment Management Imports 25 50 50 50 USD
Manual Documentation processing fee 10     USD
Change of destination fees per container 300 300 300 300 USD
Other Charges  
Bank Guarantee per BL 25 USD
Switch B/L per BL 80       USD
Probe charge Reefer 150 USD
X-trade Amendment Booking Fee 50 USD
X-trade Freight Collection Fee-SVC lebanon N/A USD
X-trade Freight Collection Fee-SVC non-lebanese 50 USD
x-trade Electronic Cargo release 30 USD


 Delivery order, Equipment Management Import, Import Service charge and Demurrage charges are Subject to 11% of VAT.


Inland Haulage

In the absence of Maersk Logistics in Lebanon, we can't accept any booking from/to Tripoli port (LBTRI) either on CY or SD basis as we don't offer inland haulage in Lebanon. In case needed, please update the shipment from/to Beirut port and liaise with your supplier/consignee in order to arrange the inland haulage on his own expenses.

Contact us

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