Shipping to Korea

Demurrage and Detention

Import demurrage and detention free time change from April 2018 - DOWNLOAD PDF

Import (Combined demurrage and detention)

Dry containers

Days Rate (KRW) per 20'/40'/45'
1-10 days Free
11-15 days 11,000/22,000/22,000
16-20 days  22,000/44,000/44,000 
After 20 days 44,000/88,000/88,000

Reefer and special containers

Days Rate (KRW) per 20'/40'/45'
1-6 days Free
7-13 days 50,000/70,000/70,000
After 13 days 70,000/90,000/90,000
  • Effective date: April 1st 2018, discharge date basis
  • Calendar day. Combined demurrage and detention starts from discharge day (included), ends with gate-in empty day (included) to terminal. In case place of delivery is at inland locations served by truck, it starts from full container’s gate-in day (included) at place of delivery.


Commodity : Used battery, Used tyres, Shredded tyres, Crum Rubber, Rubber Granulates, Used Rubber Tyres, SHREDDED TYRE STEEL CORD SCRAP are not acceptable

Weight / Measurement : 

Road Limitation  

  • 20'Dry : 18.0 MT cargo weight 
  • 40'Dry : 23.0 MT cargo weight 
  • 45'Dry : 22.0 MT cargo weight 
  • 20'RF  : 17.5 MT cargo weight 
  • 40'RF  : 22.0 MT cargo weight

The weight of truck, trailer, container tare and cargo all together must not exceed 40.0 MT and that the pressure on each axle must not exceed 10.0 MT.

Height : Limitation is 4.20 meters on the road and 3 meters on rail (OOG-pieces upto 4.5 meters might be allowed depending on the route to final location)

Length : Limitation is 19 meters.

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