Shipping to Jordan

Demurrage and Detention

Export Detention Charges and Freetime (Amount per day per container)
Equipment Type Detention charges 20ft 40ft
  Dry 1-10 days Free Free
Next 10 days USD 10 USD 20
Thereafter USD 20 USD 40
  Reefer 1-7 days Free Free
Next 8 days USD 25 USD 50
Next 6 days USD 50 USD 100
Thereafter USD 100 USD 200



 For general routing guidelines please refer to If shows Jeddah as transit port or transhipment port in routing or rotation, then all Jeddah transit/transhipment restrictions will apply. Please ensure same followed to the letter.


 Aqaba closing 24 hours prior vessel eta Aqaba. 


 All Jordan cargo being transhipped in Jeddah will follow Jeddah restrictions 

Weight / Measurement:

 Maximum weight 30.4 MT, including Gross Cargo Weight plus Tare 

Special Cargoes:

 Must be unitized owing to regulations in Jeddah. 

 CFS cargo - Acceptable to certain destinations

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