Shipping to Ivory Coast

Inland services

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Supported inland service modes in Ivory Coast








Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world. With rail coverage, trucking, barge, and depots, you don’t need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several hand overs.

Location and Depot Connection
Barge Rail Truck
Abidjan-APMT vridi South   
Abidjan-APMT Marcom  
Abidjan-Movis abidjan   
Abidjan-Proline logistics   
San Pedro-Bollore San Pedro   
San Pedro-APMT Off dock   
San Pedro-Movis San Pedro   

Logistics and Brokerage

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Our logistics & Brokerage offering (In and Around Abidjan)
We offer a dedicated 24/7 service focused around proactive communication, especially when deviations to planned deliveries occur.

Our strong schedule, and work-ethic ensure that we deliver your cargo with care

Main trucking areas within Abidjan city-limit:


Zone Description
Zone 1 Vridi, Treichville, Marcory, Zone 4
Zone 2 Koumassi, Port Bouet, Plateau, Adjame, Carena, Attecoube, Williamsville, Cocody, Deux plateaux
Zone 3 Riviera, Yopougon, Locodjro, Abobo

We are dedicated in providing the best­in­class service to the customer on a 24/7 basis by promoting proactive communication to alert all involved parties about any deviation on agreed operational process. 

  • Door to Door deliveries within 48 hours Empty container return within 48 hours
  • Empty container released within 48 hours
  • Full containers transfer to the Terminal within 48 hours,
  • 99% on time Terminal gate in.
  • We offer customized solutions together with off dock sites facilities We are always choosing the logistics’ equipment that best suits each operation.

LNB Three key differentiators:

  1. One stop shop service
  2. Buffer stock solution
  3. Transport reliability (48-72hours) Import / Transport reliability (Exports)

Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door inland services, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up inland service tariffs in your country.