Shipping to Ivory Coast


Port of Discharge Abidjan
28-Feb-20 NORTHERN PRELUDE 008S 25-Feb-20 892
25-Feb-20 CPO NORFOLK 205F 20-Feb-20 790
23-Feb-20 FLEUR N 007S 19-Feb-20 801
21-Feb-20 ALS JUNO 007S 19-Feb-20 797
19-Feb-20 NAVIOS DEVOTION 205D 14-Feb-20 721
14-Feb-20 NORDAUTUMN 006S 11-Feb-20 692
10-Feb-20 SEASPAN CHIWAN 205B 6-Feb-20 567
10-Feb-20 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 005S 6-Feb-20 594
4-Feb-20 APL ATLANTA 1959 27-Jan-20 484
31-Jan-20 NORTHERN PRELUDE 004S 28-Jan-20 472
27-Jan-20 NAVIOS DEDICATION 1957 24-Jan-20 346
23-Jan-20 ALS JUNO 003S 20-Jan-20 320
20-Jan-20 ANL WANGARATTA 1955 16-Jan-20 228
19-Jan-20 NORDAUTUMN 002S 15-Jan-20 248
16-Jan-20 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 001S 16-Jan-20 191
16-Jan-20 MAERSK YORKTOWN 001N 13-Jan-20 178
13-Jan-20 SIMA GENESIS 1953 8-Jan-20 106
6-Jan-20 MERKUR FORD 1951 2-Jan-20 13
6-Jan-20 NORTHERN PRELUDE 952S 2-Jan-20 9
30-Dec-19 CMA CGM JASPER 194Z 26-Dec-19 5676
30-Dec-19 ALS JUNO 951S 24-Dec-19 5674
23-Dec-19 CMA CGM QUARTZ 194X 23-Dec-19 5558
17-Dec-19 SEASPAN RO DE JANEIRO 949S 17-Dec-19 5488
16-Dec-19 CMA CGM OPAL 194V 12-Dec-19 5467
9-Dec-19 MAERSK YORKTOWN 948S 9-Dec-19 5381
9-Dec-19 CPO NORFOLK 194T 5-Dec-19 5346
9-Dec-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE  948S 4-Dec-19 5361
2-Dec-19 CMA CGM TOPAZ 194R 28-Nov-19 5213
2-Dec-19 ALS JUNO 947S 28-Nov-19 5252
25-Nov-19 ALS APPOLLO 194P 21-Nov-19 5061
25-Nov-19 NORDAUTUMN 946S 21-Nov-19 5121
18-Nov-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 945S 13-Nov-19 4978
12-Nov-19 NAVIOS DEVOTION 194L 8-Nov-19 4848
11-Nov-19 NORTHER PRELUDE 944S 7-Nov-19 4876
8-Nov-19 SEASPAN CHIWAN 194J 5-Nov-19 4769
4-Nov-19 ALS JUNO 943S 30-Oct-19 4764
31-Oct-19 MAERSK YORKTOWN 942S 30-Oct-19 4743
28-Oct-19 NAVIOS DEDICATION 194H 25-Oct-19 4624
28-Oct-19 NORDAUTUMN 942S 24-Oct-19 4657
21-Oct-19 ANL WANGARATTA 194F 21-Oct-19 4524
21-Oct-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 941S 16-Oct-19 4545
15-Oct-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE 940S 10-Oct-19 4454
14-Oct-19 SIMA GENESIS 194D 10-Oct-19 4424
8-Oct-19 MAERSK YORKTOWN 938S 4-Oct-19 4368
7-Oct-19 MERKUR FORD 194B 3-Oct-19 4326
6-Oct-19 ALS JUNO 1909 3-Oct-19 4348
2-Oct-19 MAERSK CUNENE 1903 27-Sep-19 4276
1-Oct-19 NORDSUMMER 938S 27-Sep-19 4266
30-Sep-19 CMA CGM JASPER 1949 25-Sep-19 4200
24-Sep-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 937S 20-Sep-19 4166
21-Sep-19 NORTHERN PROMOTION 1913 17-Sep-19 4121
17-Sep-19 CMA CGM QUARTZ 1947 13-Sep-19 4002
16-Sep-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE 1907 11-Sep-19 4038
9-Sep-19 CMA CGM OPAL 1945 4-Sep-19 3866
4-Sep-19 JPO PISCES 1941 2-Sep-19 3841
1-Sep-19 CMA CGM TOPAZ 1941 29-Aug-19 3795
31-Aug-19 MAERSK CHENNAI 1907 27-Aug-19 3776
24-Aug-19 ALS JUNO 1907 20-Aug-19 3654
19-Aug-19 ALS APOLLO 193Z 14-Aug-19 3534
17-Aug-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 1909 13-Aug-19 3537
12-Aug-19 CUCKOO HUNTER 193X 6-Aug-19 3464
8-Aug-19 NORTHERN PROMOTION 1911 2-Aug-19 3414
5-Aug-19 NAVIOS DEVOTION 193V 1-Aug-19 3340
29-Jul-19 SEASPAN CHIWAN 193T 25-Jul-19 3209
29-Jul-19 ETE N 1901 24-Jul-19 3252
22-Jul-19 RIO CADIZ 193R 19-Jul-19 3104
22-Jul-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE 1905 17-Jul-19 3134
15-Jul-19 ANL WANGARATTA 193P 10-Jul-19 3027
15-Jul-19 MAERSK CHENNAI 1905 10-Jul-19 3048
8-Jul-19 SIMA GENESIS 193N 4-Jul-19 2926
8-Jul-19 ALS JUNO 1905 3-Jul-19 2933
4-Jul-19 GH BRICKFIELDER 1909 26-Jun-19 2804
2-Jul-19 RIO CHARLESTON  193L 27-Jun-19 2811
26-Jun-19 NORTHERN PROMOTION 1909 19-Jun-19 2720
24-Jun-19 MERKUR FJORD 193J 20-Jun-19 2705
17-Jun-19 CMA CGM QUARTZ 193H 13-Jun-19 2597
10-Jun-19 CMA CGM JASPER 193F 6-Jun-19 2476
10-Jun-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE 1903 5-Jun-19 2498
5-Jun-19 JPO PISCES 193D 31-May-19 2418
3-Jun-19 MAERSK CHENNAI 1903 29-May-19 2392
28-May-19 CMA CGM OPAL 193B 24-May-19 2264
27-May-19 ALS JUNO 1903 23-May-19 2297
21-May-19 CMA CGM TOPAZ 1939 17-May-19 2141
20-May-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 1905 15-May-19 2150
15-May-19 CUCKOO HUNTER 1937 10-May-19 2051
13-May-19 SYNERGY ANTWERP 1905 8-May-19 2044
6-May-19 NAVIOS DEVOTION 1935 2-May-19 1923
6-May-19 LANA 1903 30-Apr-19 1935
29-Apr-19 SEASPAN CHIWAN 1933 24-Apr-19 1812
29-Apr-19 NORTHERN PRELUDE 1901 24-Apr-19 1851
22-Apr-19 NORTHERN DECENCY 1903 16-Apr-19 1728
22-Apr-19 RIO CADIZ 1710 17-Apr-19 1710
15-Apr-19 ANL WANGARATTA 192Z 15-Apr-19 1596
15-Apr-19 ULSAN 1903 10-Apr-19 1612
8-Apr-19 SIMA GENESIS 192X 3-Apr-19 1458
3-Apr-19 LAUST MAERSK 1905 3-Apr-19 1488
1-Apr-19 GERHARD SCHULTE 1903 27-Mar-19 1388
1-Apr-19 RIO CHARLESTON 192V 27-Mar-19 1366
25-Mar-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 1903 21-Mar-19 1294
19-Mar-19 SYNERGY ANTWERP 1903 14-Mar-19 1209
18-Mar-19 CMA CGM QUARTZ 192R 14-Mar-19 1152
12-Mar-19 LANA 1901 7-Mar-19 1078
10-Mar-19 CMA CGM JASPER 192N 7-Mar-19 1022
4-Mar-19 JPO PISCES 192N 27-Feb-19 905
4-Mar-19 NORTHERN DECENCY 1901 27-Feb-19 920
25-Feb-19 CMA CGM OPAL 192L 20-Feb-19 786
18-Feb-19 ULSAN 1901 14-Feb-19 727
18-Feb-19 CMA CGM TOPAZ 192J 13-Feb-19 693
13-Feb-19 LAUST MAERSK 1901 8-Feb-19 626
11-Feb-19 CUCKOO HUNTER 192H 6-Feb-19 586
4-Feb-19 SEASPAN SANTOS 192F 30-Jan-19 488
31-Jan-19 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 1901 24-Jan-19 450
28-Jan-19 SEASPAN CHIWAN 192D 23-Jan-19 382
23-Jan-19 NORTHERN PROMOTION 1901 18-Jan-19 314
21-Jan-19 RIO CADIZ 192B 16-Jan-19 268
16-Jan-19 TANJA RICKMERS   1809 10-Jan-19 199
14-Jan-19 ANL WANGARATTA 1929 9-Jan-19 136
9-Jan-19 LANA 1815 4-Jan-19 76
7-Jan-19 SIMA GENESIS 1927 2-Jan-19 5571
4-Jan-19 NORTHERN DECENCY 1819 27-Dec-18 5522
31-Dec-18 NAVIOS MIAMI 1925 24-Dec-18 5467
26-Dec-18 ULSAN 1815 20-Dec-18 5412
24-Dec-18 RIO CHARLESTON 1823 18-Dec-18 5371
19-Dec-18 GERHARD SCHULTE   1815 14-Dec-18 5308
17-Dec-18 CMA CGM QUARTZ 1821 11-Dec-18 5206
12-Dec-18 CMA CGM JASPER 181Z 5-Dec-18 5101
12-Dec-18 SYNERGY ANTWERP 1801 3-Dec-18 5090
3-Dec-18 JPO PISCES 181X 29-Nov-18 4996
30-Nov-18 NORTHERN PROMOTION 1815 27-Nov-18 4980
27-Nov-18 MONA LISA 1823 22-Nov-18 4867
26-Nov-18 CMA CGM OPAL 181V 22-Nov-18 4864
22-Nov-18 TANJA RICKMERS   1807 19-Nov-18 4835
19-Nov-18 CMA CGM TOPAZ 181T 14-Nov-18 4740
15-Nov-18 LANA 1813 13-Nov-18 4730
5-Nov-18 HARRIER HUNTER 181P 31-Oct-18 4579
1-Nov-18 ULSAN 1813 30-Oct-18 4558
Port of Discharge : San-Pédro
14-Feb-20 ÉTÉ 004S 14-Feb-20 131
7-Feb-20 SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO 005S 8-Feb-20 117
31-Jan-20 GISELE A 002S 30-Jan-20 85
25-Jan-20 MONEMVASIA 001S 28-Jan-19 71
20-Jan-20 ELBSUN 950S 28-Jan-19 56
18-Jan-20 BSL PIRAEUS 952S 28-Jan-19 50
14-Jan-20 AUSTRAL 951S 16-Jan-19 35
11-Jan-20 SEASPAN LOGA 950S 16-Jan-19 26
8-Jan-20 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 952N 16-Jan-19 19
1-Jan-20 CORCOVADO 948S 31-Dec-19 917
6-Jan-20 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 949S 31-Dec-19 913
6-Jan-20 PANTHER 948S 31-Dec-19 898
6-Jan-20 GISELE A 947S 31-Dec-19 874
30-Nov-19 ELBSUN 944S 29-Nov-19 825
29-Nov-19 BSL PIRAEUS 945S 29-Nov-19 824
22-Nov-19 POMERENIA SKY 944S 21-Nov-19 785
15-Nov-19 SEASPAN LOGA 943S 13-Nov-19 769
8-Nov-19 CITY OF HONG KONG 942S 13-Nov-19 747
19-Sep-19 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 1905 20-Sep-19 634
17-Sep-19 E.R. ELSFLETH   1905 17-Sep-19 629
23-Aug-19 CORCOVADO 1911 20-Aug-19 559
16-Aug-19 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 1909 9-Aug-19 536
20-Aug-19 GISELE A 1909 5-Aug-19 526
2-Aug-19 GH MELTEMI 1901 30-Jul-19 512
19-Jul-19 CORCOVADO 1909 19-Jul-19 471
13-Jul-19 HAMMONIA PALATIUM   1907 19-Jul-19 456
5-Jul-19 JPO GEMINI   1907 19-Jul-19 440
24-Jun-19 E.R. ELSFLETH   1901 19-Jul-19 485
17-Jun-19 HSL PORTSMOUTH   1907 19-Jul-19 408
10-Jun-19 CORCOVADO 1907 19-Jul-19 399
6-Jun-19 HAMMONIA PALATIUM   1905 19-Jul-19 391
1-Jun-19 JPO GEMINI   1905 19-Jul-19 380
26-May-19 GH BRICKFIELDER   1907 19-Jul-19 362
17-May-19 HSL PORTSMOUTH   1905 19-Jul-19 348
10-May-19 CORCOVADO 1905 9-May-19 328
3-May-19 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 1903 3-May-19 314
26-Apr-19 JPO GEMINI 1904 25-Apr-19 299
13-Apr-19 HSL PORTSMOUTH 1903 17-Mar-19 262
4-Apr-19 GISELE A 1905 17-Mar-19 247
6-Apr-19 NORDAUTUMN 1907 17-Mar-19 232
17-Mar-19 GH BRICKFIELDER   18-Mar-19 201
14-Mar-19 HSL PORTSMOUTH 1901 13-Mar-19 191
28-Feb-19 GISELE A 1903 27-Feb-19 146
24-Feb-19 BSL CAPE TOWN 1903 27-Feb-19 143
15-Feb-19 FLEUR N 1901 14-Feb-19 118
21-Jan-19 CAPE TOWN 1901 19-Jan-19 56

Demurrage & Detention

Area : Ivory Coast Area 
Country : Ivory Coast
Direction : Import
Effective Date : 01/01/2019
Expiry Date : 31/12/2019
Free time : Calendar day basis (i.e. including week-ends and holidays)
Currency : XOF 
Invoiced : Per container, per day, as per container type


Demurrage import

Demurrage starts as from discharge day full on terminal, including vessel arrival, Saturday, Sunday and Publics holidays.   

+ Abidjan/San Pedro: CIABJ/CISP0

Free time:

Type DRY Flat & Open top REEF IMO
Days 6 6 2 6

+ Abidjan: Special Deal for cargo big volume: CIABJ/CISP0

Free time:

Commodity/HS Code Paper
Palm Oil
Days 21 21 21 21

Tariff after free time:

Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’ DRY 20’ REEF 40’ REEF
Day 3 onward     55,000 110,000
Day 7 – Day 13 12,500 25,000    
Day 14 - onwards 25,000 50,000    

Detention import

Free time for Dry Containers delivered to customer (gate out delivery) is 4 calendar days, including, gate out date, Saturday, Sunday and Publics holidays. 

Free time:

Days 4 4 4


Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY/FLAT/OPEN 40’ DRY/FLAT/OPEN 20’ REEF 40’ REEF
Day 5 - onward 55,000 110,000
Day 5 – Day 11 12,500 25,000
Day 12 - onward 25,000 50,000


Longstanding reminder 
As from the 25th day, your container (s) is going to be seized systematically by the customs. You will be able to pay the depot fees and proceed with release process.

After 90 days, container (s) is considered as abandoned and could be sent in auction by customs at any time unless you already customs cleared it.

In this regard, we urge you to make the necessary to customs cleared the cargo (if not yet done), and contact us for the delivery.

New import regulation
As of 16/07/2018 (BL Date), a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE will be requested for every shipment to Côte d'Ivoire and applied to all goods imported into the country with a FOB value superior or equal to XOF 1 million (approx. EUR 1,500). 

Shipments loaded after this date and arriving without Certificate of Conformity will be rejected by Customs and penalties will be applied: 50% of cargo value + confiscation and destruction of goods at the expense of the importers.

Importers will need to contact designated agencies: BUREAU VERITAS (BIVAC BV) /COTECNA INSPECTION / IINTERTEK International Limited / Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) to obtain this document, which is required for any import prior loading except for :

  • Gold and other precious metals
  • Precious stones
  • Explosives, weapons, ammunition and other war material intended for the national armed forces and the police
  • live animals
  • Vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Fresh and frozen fish
  • Fresh and frozen meat
  • Plants and products of floriculture
  • Traditional products or traditional handicrafts of Community origin
  • Drugs and inputs used in the manufacture of medicines
  • Current newspapers and periodicals, postage or tax stamps, stamp papers, banknotes, checkbooks, passports and certain printed documents
  • Personal belongings and used household objects
  • Used vehicles
  • Crude or partially refined petroleum
  • Commercial samples
  • Supplies to diplomatic and consular missions or international organizations, imported for their own purposes

New import regulation
As of 16/04/2018 (BL Date), a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE will be requested for every shipment to Côte d'Ivoire. Importers will need to contact designated agencies (BUREAU VERITAS / COTECNA / INTERTEK / SGS) to obtain this document, which is required for any import.

Customs proceedings
20 days after vessel arrival, customs issue a document that notifies that the cargo is under customs authority in a bonded area. Units are not moved from stack. However, Maersk Line can no longer control the cargo (reshipment, auctions...) in order to obtain payment of sea freight and other charges. 2 months after this notification, containers are withheld by customs. Here and after, customs are allowed to auction the cargo. The proceeds from an auction are allocated to payment of various customs fees.

Customs release cargo without Maersk Line delivery order.
On a regular basis, Maersk Côte d'Ivoire will advise on cargo under customs authority.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
According to Customs Circular No 1158, (clarification on cargo inspection) Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) has to be performed in the country of origin. Exporters and importers in country of origin are responsible for the PSI. Export cargo to Côte d'Ivoire is subject to Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) as per the Ministerial decree 93-313, dated 11 March 1993.

Companies selected for PSI are:


Inspections performed in transhipment ports or at destination are no longer valid (only one yearly inspection at destination will be allowed per customer).

List of goods exempted from PSI:

  • Imports with a FOB (Freight On Board) value or below EUR 763
  • Gold, precious stones
  • Objects of art
  • Scrap metal
  • Explosives, weapons and material for regular army and police
  • Live animals
  • Fish, vegetables and fresh fruit (also refrigerated)
  • Plants and flowers
  • Cinematographic films
  • Newspapers, stamps, bank notes, passports, post parcels
  • Used personal and household effects, used personal vehicles
  • Personal gifts
  • Crude oil
  • Commercial samples
  • Donations offered by foreign governments or international organisations
  • Imports for diplomatic entities and for the United Nations

More information:

F.R.I. number
According to the directive number 1062 dated 4 September 2001 from the Customs General Direction regarding the cargo manifest follow-up, the F.R.I. number (Fiche de Rensignement a l'Importation) is required on the b/l. This procedure only applies for cargo controlled by Bivac or Cotecna (with a cargo value larger than or equal to EUR 762.22) and excludes cargoes manifested for destinations out of Côte d'Ivoire.

The following steps apply for the shipper/consignee:

  • A proforma commercial invoice has to be sent by the shipper to the consignee in Abidjan
  • The consignee gives the profoma commercial invoice to Cotecna or Bivac
  • Cotecna or Bivac establish the F.R.I. and transmit the F.R.I. number to their correspondent at origin
  • The shipper gives Maersk Line the F.R.I. number (b/l instructions) and this number should appear on the b/l
  • The cargo inspection is performed at origin

Tracking Note
In order to monitor all Côte d'Ivoire volumes, the Office Ivoirien des Chargeurs (OIC - the Ivorian Shippers Council) has introduced a Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC) - a cargo tracking note. Custom clearance is not possible without the BSC and cargo can consequently not be delivered.

Also to speed on clearances within 48 hrs Ivory Coast Customs has set new import procedure which allows importers to get the BSC number locally and thus anticipate clearance process. No BSC requested for cargo into transit for Mali or Burkina Faso.

Freight collect procedures in Côte d'Ivoire

The Freight Collect is accepted in Côte d'Ivoire.

Freight Collect Administrative Fee: 5% of Total Amount to be collected (Freight+Local Charges) 

<tr"> </tr"> <tr"> </tr">
B/L Original , Waybill ou Telex Release endorsed 1  
Customs Declaration document 1 1
Client's forwarder Delivery Instructions (document produced by the forwarder) 1 2
Customs Quittance (when Tax and duties paid cash) 1 1
Deposit  (100,000 xof per TEU)   1
Container Detention Form (when customer don't pay cash deposit) 1  
Demand of Container stripping (when container stripped on the port )  1 1
Customs demand of cargo inspection ( for quotation when necessary ) 1 1
Report of cargo inspection (done by Customs)   1
Copy of forwarder or client ID card   1
DST (Summary Declaration of Transit) 1 3
Demand of Container stripping at Quay (when container stripped on the port )  1 3
Demand of Container stripping at premises (when container stripped at premises )  1 3
Client's forwarder Delivery Instructions 1 2
Cargo to be delivered from under ship's tacle document (48 hours E.T.A) 1 1
Safety Park exit documents (validity 48 hours) 1 1


  • For every shipment coming to Ivory Coast, either Consignee or Notify must be located in Ivory Coast or in a neighbouring country (Burkina Faso/Mali/Ghana). Consignee Addresses in Europe or Asia are not accepted on Bill of Lading/Manifest. For any further information please contact
  • Pallets is not accepted as a package description.
  • General cargo is not accepted as cargo description. A more detailed description is required.
  • Commodity restriction: Retread tyres.
  • Weight restrictions for Ivory Coast: 20', 40' standard & High Cube acceptable upto payload capacity. 45' containers not acceptable.
  • Acceptance for Burkina Faso: Rail movement (SITARAIL) from/to Abidjan; Gross weight not to exceed 28 MT for 20 ft and 30 MT for 40 ft . Out of Gauge (OOG) only acceptable based on special request and quotation.

Closing times


Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.