Shipping to Iraq

Demurrage and Detention

 Please note our new Detention and Demurrage tariff for Umm Qasr – Iraq will be as follows:

Equipment Type Free time Day Currency Application 20 40 +45
Dry Day 1-17 Free
Day 18-25 USD Per Container 16 32
Day26 Onwards USD Per Container 32 64
Reefer Day 1 to 7 - -
Day 8 to 14 USD Per Container 56 112
Day 15 to 21 USD Per Container 112 224
Day 22 Onwards USD Per Container 224 448
Special Day 1 to 10 Free
Day 11Onwards USD Per Container 25 50

We continue to ensure that our customers have readily available equipment for their exports. With our improved operations in Iraq, our customers are now able to return equipment faster than before.


For clearing the shipments in Iraq, Customs requires the below four additional documents (in Addition to the standard requirements) where it is recommended to start preparing the documents within placing the shipment to avoid delays & additional charges: 

1) Import license 
2) Quality certificate 
3) Certificate of Origin 
4) Original Invoices 

  • Acceptance into Iraqi port is to Umm Qasr (Dry and Reefer both) while inland delivery option is ONLY available for dry cargo. Please contact local Maersk representative for more details. (
  • The two gate-ways open for final destination Iraq are Umm Qasr in Iraq and Aqaba in Jordan.
  • Once the booking is made, the shipper or the consignee can not change the shipper / consignee details and same details will be used in the manifestation with Iraqi customs.
  • All charges for imports to Iraq are to be settled at origin except PAI which would be collected at Umm Qasr port.

Merchant may arrange for haulage on account and risk of cargo, subject to deposit and conditions as listed below:

  • All costs, risks and responsibilities until return of containers to the carriers stack will be on account of Merchant.
  • Merchant undertakes to return empty containers to Maersk in good condition.
  • Maersk has the right to claim all costs which are incurred on containers damaged while under the care and responsibility of Merchant.
  • These charges will be based on Maersk’s claim, which will have to be paid by Merchant prior to return of deposit.
  • Containers not returned to Maersk’s possession within 60 days will be deemed as lost and Maersk is authorized to realize the proceeds from the security deposit.

Additionally, Merchant agrees to pay Demurrage and Detention charges as applicable as per Maersk tariff.


Below is the list of forbidden cargo into Iraq, which is not to be booked:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Pork / Ham
  • Guns & ammunitions (if its not for Military)
  • Pornographic material in any form
  • Expired food stuffs
  • Chewing gum
  • Marbles
  • Guns that are used for hunting (allowed with permission)
  • Military clothing
  • Wireless Equipments
  • Balloons
  • Fire works
  • Second hand cars manufactured older than 2 years from current year
  • Second hand spare parts for automobiles
  • Israeli origins or Israeli products

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