Shipping to Iran

Detention and Demurrage

Combined Detention & Demurrage

Mention triggers for calculation as per standard triggers

Free time:

DAYS 10 10 4 10

Tariff after free time:

Currency : EUR

Days after freetime expiration 20' DRY (INCL IMO) 40'DRY&HC / 45'DRY (INCL IMO) 20'FLAT / OPEN TOP 40'FLAT / OPEN TOP Days after freetime expiration 20'REEF 40'REEF
Day 11 - 20 3 6 6 13 Day 5 - 14 9 19
Day 21 - 30 5 9 9 18 Day 15 - 24 14 27
Day 31 - 40 8 15 15 31 Day 25 - 34 23 46
Day 41 onwards 12 24 24 48 Day 35 onwards 36 72

NOTE : Import Storage is paid by customer directly to the port


Restrictions for cargo acceptance:

  • Imports from USA is basis limited acceptance for only those customers with an export license due to US trade embargo since May 1995.
  • Cargo acceptance from Saudi Arabia and Israel restricted until further notice. Please check the Iran service catalogue for the latest update.
  • There are restrictions for shipments loading/transhipping Malaysia. Please contact your customer service representative for details on Strategic Trade Act (STA) 2010.
  • It is mandatory to add the following parties while making a booking or else the booking will be rejected
              - Shipper
              - Consignee
              - Notify Party (if applicable)
  • All bookings must be priced on a contract; any booking made without a contract will be rejected.
  • Commodities which are not accepted in Iran include the following but not limited to alcoholic beverages, gambling equipment, pork meat, military cargo, scrap metal.
  • Occasionally some goods are prohibited from being imported to the country or some are being conditionally allowed, the list of which can be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry.
  • Import of cars / trucks subject to the agreement of Ministry of Commerce
  • BND acceptance of “Hypo Chloride Sodium” is subject to stuffing in reefer container and direct delivery of the import cargo.
  • HS code is mandatory for all imports into Iran.
  • LCL shipment is not acceptable.
  • No shipment is accepted on freight collect basis.
  • No CH and through B/L acceptance to the inland destinations via Iran ports.
  • No COD changing destination in to Iran is acceptable.
  • No ‘to order’ Bills is acceptable to Iran.
  • No switch Bills of lading involving Iran as final delivery is acceptable.
  • Sea Way Bills are acceptable subject to full freight payment at origin.
  • Break bulk is acceptable on a case by case basis.
  • OOG acceptance is on a case by case basis.
  • DG cargo acceptance will be on a case by case basis.
  • Any shipment loaded not in compliance with the rules and regulations, as mentioned above and/ or included in the international sanctions, will be stopped and returned to origin for termination of the contract of carriage without prior notice or incurring any responsibility or liability whatsoever on Maersk. Shipper will bear cost if he is found in non-compliance to the stated rule at the time of booking acceptance or quote stage.
  • Iran accept only CY booking. In transit is not allow by Maersk till the USA sanction has been lifted and this is a commercial decision there will not be any exception taken by country
    Any booking processed and shipping instruction submitted with In Transit clause the same will be deleted by manifestation team. Customers need to arrange customs clearance at Bandar Abbas port.
  • Maersk allows and accepts bookings for containers which a destined for internal transit to a customs facility away from the mentioned port of discharge, limited to customs facilities within Iran
  • Container in transit to 'Tehran' customs 'under risk, account and responsibilities of XXXXXXXX (Transporter/consignee to be named) Where possible, at the booking stage, the customer should provide both the internal customs location and name of the haulier, should this be provided after import manifest there will be an amendment fee IRR 1650000 (+9% VAT).
  • VAT of 9% applicable on all EXP/IMP Freight, Iran Locals and DND- The invoice party to settle the VAT. The tax is applicable on freight etc. even if the charge settling outside Iran. Freight tax is a cost of doing business in Iran and agency to settle.

For the list of all accepted and restricted commodities please refer the file.

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