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Demurrage and Detention

Click here for Customer advisory - Effective date 1 January 2018
Click here for Customer advisory - Effective date 1 January 2017
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Our free time offer is Combined Demurrage & Detention. Standard free time are 7 days combined DnD for DRY and 5 days combined DnD for REEFER/Special .

This means you will have one combined free time period and compensation for utilization of equipment inside and outside of terminals or depots, referred to as Combined Demurrage & Detention, from vessel discharge to gate in empty.

Tariff charges effective 1 January 2018

Please be informed that effective January 1st, 2018 (based on container discharged from vessel at final destination) we will change the calculation method for our import detention and demurrage for customers with special extended free time from traditional to progressive tier structure. After the extended free time expires, any additional days will be subject to the demurrage and detention charges as per the relevant day count in our tariff tier structure. This means that the subsequent demurrage and detention charges beyond extended free time will not automatically be calculated basing on the tariffs of 1st tier as before.

Diinformasikan bahwa mulai 1 Januari 2018 (berdasarkan container sandar dari kapal di pelabuhan akhir), kami akan melakukan perubahan metode perhitungan detention dan demurrage import untuk pelanggan dengan perpanjangan free time khusus dari struktur tradisional ke struktur progresif. Setelah perpanjangan free time berakhir, penambahan hari tergantung pada biaya detention dan demurrage berdasarkan struktur tarifnya. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa biaya detention dan demurrage yang melebihi freetime tidak akan otomatis terhitung berdasarkan tarif pertama sebelumnya.
Example / Contoh:
Special extended freetime  / Perpanjangan freetime khusus : 14 days / hari
Date of import discharge/ Tanggal kapal sandar import : 1 November
Freetime ends / Freetime berakhir : 14 November
Empty container returned / Pengembalian kontainer kosong : 15 November
Detention and demurrage day  / Hari Detention dan demurrage   : 1
Previous calculation Perhitungan sebelumnya : USD 30 (20 dry) & USD 40 (40 dry)
Future calculation Perhitungan saat ini : USD 50 (20 dry) & USD 70 (40 dry)

Our tariff tier will remain the same as per below.
Tarif tetap sama sebagai berikut.

Container Type
Tipe Kontainer
Day Hari 1-7 DayHari8-12 DayHari13-17 DayHari18 Onwardsseterusnya
20’ DRY Free/ Gratis USD 30 USD 50 USD 70
40’ / 40’HC Free/ Gratis USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
45’ DRY Free/ Gratis USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
Container Type
Tipe Kontainer
DayHari1-5 DayHari6-10 DayHari18
20’ REEF/ Special Free/ Gratis USD 50 USD 90
40’ REEF/ Special Free/Gratis USD 70 USD 130
40’ HREEF/ Special Free/Gratis USD 70 USD 130

Should you have any queries, concerns or clarifications, please reach out to your local Maersk representatives or Maersk Customer Service.

Apabila ada pertanyaan atau klarifikasi, mohon hubungi Customer Service Maersk.


Import Cargo Release Guide

Arrival Notice

Prior to vessel arrival, an Arrival Notice will be sent to the consignee or notify party via fax or e-mail for your convenience and as a courtesy. 

Please note that the responsibility of cargo tracking remains with consignee.

Delivery Order

Delivery order is issued to consignee or appointed trucker company (EMKL) against a fully and properly endorsed Maersk’s Bill of Lading or copy of Seaway Bill, along with consignee’s letter of authorization to an appointed person/trucker company for taking D/O. 

Import Delivery Order will be available for release at the relevant branch office located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Panjang.

Empty container return

The consignee (or consignee appointed trucker company) should bring the Delivery Order to return the empty equipment to our named Depot (as specified on the Delivery Order) within the equipment free time offered. If empty container returned above given free time then depot has the right to reject until payment of detention charges is settled.

Outstanding Charge Collection

All outstanding freight/charges, including but not limited to freight, demurrage/detention charges etc. must be paid prior to the issuance of Delivery Order or Cargo Release.

Diversions/Change Of Destination (COD)

Should you need to change the destination of your cargo and you are the holder of the original B/L, you must contact your local Maersk office to ask whether COD is possible and the cost incurred to perform COD. A written request must be submitted using below form along with properly endorsed full set of B/L. If you require COD and shipper holds the original B/L, you must request shipper to approach his/her local Maersk office and submit the form there.


Individual & Embassy shipment

Please do not accept booking consigned to individual (non-registered company) or an embassy name. If you have to accept, please ask customer to provide reputable International Forwarder/Mover as consignee or notify party.

Vessel Arrival Details

BC 1.1 Details

Please click the vessel name to download

Port Vessel Name Voyage No. BC 1.1 Status
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD 912E  Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN DIAMOND 909S  Available 
Surabaya  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 911E  Available
Jakarta  BALTHASAR SCHULTE  911E  Available
Jakarta  WIDE ALPHA 911E  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 911S  Available
Surabaya  WIDE ALPHA 911E  Available
Semarang  JONATHAN SWIFT 910E  Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN DECISION  908S Available 
Surabaya  JONATHAN SWIFT 910E  Available
Jakarta  JONATHAN SWIFT 910E  Available  
Belawan  AS RAGNA 910S  Available  
Surabaya  MP THE LAW 910E  Available 
Jakarta  MP THE LAW 910E  Available 
Semarang  BAVARIA 909E  Available
Jakarta  MP THE BROWN 910W  Available 
Jakarta  NORTHERN DEFENDER 907S  Available 
Surabaya  BAVARIA 909E  Available
Jakarta  BAVARIA 909E  Available  
Surabaya  MP THE BROWN  909E Available  
Semarang SYNERGY OAKLAND  908E Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS TEMPO 909W  Available
Surabaya  SYNERGY OAKLAND 908E  Available
Jakarta  SYNERGY OAKLAND 908E  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 908S  Available  
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 908S  Available  
Surabaya  NAVIOS TEMPO 908E  Available  
Semarang  HOLSATIA 907E  Available 
Jakarta  HOLSATIA 907E  Available   
Surabaya  HOLSATIA 907E  Available  
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 907S  Available 
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD  907E Available
Surabaya  NORTHERN GUILD 907E  Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD 907E  Available
Semarang  ALS APOLLO 906E  Available
Jakarta  GH LESTE 904S  Available
Surabaya ALS APOLLO 906E  Available 
Jakarta ALS APOLLO 906E  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 906S  Available
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 906E  Available 
Semarang  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 905E  Available 
Surabaya  ALS JUPITER 906E  Available
Jakarta  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 905E   Available   
Jakarta  NORTHERN DIAMOND 903S  Available   
Surabaya  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 905E  Available   
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 905S  Available  
Surabaya  MP THE LAW 905E  Available 
Semarang  JONATHAN SWIFT 904E  Available
Jakarta MP THE LAW 905E  Available  
Jakarta  NORTHERN DECISION 902S  Available 
Jakarta  JONATHAN SWIFT 904E  Available 
Surabaya  JONATHAN SWIFT 904E  Available   
Belawan  Meratus Medan 5 904S  Available  
Jakarta  MP THE BROWN 904E  Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 904S  Available
Surabaya MP THE BROWN 904E Available
Semarang BAVARIA 903E Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN DEFENDER 901S  Available
Surabaya  BAVARIA 903E   Available  
Jakarta  BAVARIA 903E  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 903S  Available     
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 903S  Available    
Jakarta  NAVIOS TEMPO 903E  Available   
Semarang  NORTHERN GUILD 902E  Available  
Surabaya  NAVIOS TEMPO  903E Available 
Jakarta  MAJD 1805  Available   
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD  902E  Available   
Surabaya  NORTHERN GUILD 902E  Available   
Jakarta  MERATUS MEDAN 5 902S  Available  
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 902S  Available 
Surabaya  MERKUR HORIZON 902E  Available    
Semarang  HOLSATIA 901E  Available   
Jakarta  UNI FORTUNA 1819  Available  
Surabaya  HOLSATIA 901E  Available  
Jakarta  HOLSATIA 901E Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 901S  Available    
Semarang  ALS APOLLO 852E  Available   
Surabaya  Sealand - A Maersk Company DANANG 901E  Available   
Jakarta  GH LESTE 1815  Available  
Surabaya  ALS APOLLO 852E  Available 
Jakarta  ALS APOLLO 852E  Available
Jakarta  MERATUS MEDAN 5 18A5  Available
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1851  Available
Semarang  SINGAPORE BRIDGE 851E  Available
Surabaya  MP THE LAW 852E  Available  
Jakarta  MP THE LAW 852E  Available 
Jakarta NORTHERN DIAMOND 1817 Available
Jakarta SINGAPORE BRIDGE 851E Available
Surabaya SINGAPORE BRIDGE 851E Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 18A3  Available 
Jakarta  MP THE BROWN 851E  Available
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1849  Available
Semarang  JONATHAN SWIFT 850E  Available
Surabaya MP THE BROWN 851E Available 
Jakarta  NORTHERN DECISION 1803  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 18A1  Available
Surabaya  JONATHAN SWIFT 850E  Available
Jakarta  JONATHAN SWIFT 850E  Available  
Jakarta  CMA CGM AMAZON 03MN  Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1847  Available 
Semarang  BAVARIA 849E  Available 
Jakarta  NORTHERN DEFENDER  1809 Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS TEMPO 850E  Available
Jakarta  BAVARIA 849E  Available
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1845  Available
Surabaya  BAVARIA 849E  Available  
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  1899 Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1845  Available
Semarang  NORTHERN GUILD 848E  Available
Surabaya  MERKUR HORIZON 849E  Available
Jakarta  MERKUR HORIZON 849E  Available
Surabaya  NORTHERN GUILD 848E  Available
Jakarta  MAJD 1803  Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD 848E  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1897  Available
Jakarta APL HOUSTON 03EN Available
Jakarta MAERSK ABERDEEN 1843 Available
Surabaya BALTHASAR SCHULTE 848E Available
Semarang HOLSATIA 811B Available
Jakarta  UNI FORTUNA 1817  Available
Surabaya  HOLSATIA 811B  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1895  Available
Jakarta  HOLSATIA 811B  Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN  1841  Available 
Surabaya  MP THE LAW  847E  Available 
Semarang  ALS APOLLO  807B  Available 
Jakarta  MP THE LAW  847E  Available 
Jakarta  ALS APOLLO  807B  Available 
Jakarta  GH LESTE 1813  Available
Surabaya  ALS APOLLO  807B Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1891 Available 
Surabaya  MP THE BROWN  846E Available 
Jakarta  MP THE BROWN 846E  Available
Semarang  SINGAPORE BRIDGE 813B  Available
Jakarta  GH ZONDA 1847  Available
Surabaya  SINGAPORE BRIDGE 813B  Available
Jakarta  SINGAPORE BRIDGE 813B  Available
Surabaya  NAVIOS TEMPO  845E Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1837  Available
Jakarta  CMA CGM ELBE 032N  Available
Semarang  JONATHAN SWIFT 805B  Available 
Surabaya  JONATHAN SWIFT 805B  Available
Jakarta  APL DETROIT 02YN  Available
Jakarta  JONATHAN SWIFT 805B  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1889 Available   
Jakarta  MERKUR HORIZON 844E  Available   
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1835  Available  
Jakarta  MAERSK JABAL 1805  Available 
Surabaya  MERKUR HORIZON  844E Available
Semarang  BAVARIA 809B  Availalble 
Surabaya  BAVARIA 809B  Availalble
Jakarta  APL DANUBE 02UN  Availalble
Jakarta  BAVARIA 809B  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1887 Available 
Surabaya  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 843E  Available
Jakarta  BALTHASAR SCHULTE 843E  Available   
Semarang  NORTHERN GUILD 801B  Available  
Jakarta  MAERSK ABERDEEN 1833  Available 
Surabaya  NORTHERN GUILD 801B  Available
Surabaya  NORTHERN DEFENDER 811B  Available
Jakarta  NORTHERN GUILD 801B  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 1885  Available
Jakarta ALS APOLLO 805B Available

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.