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Import Advisory

Import Advisory Effective Date See Full Advisory
E – Payment (Enhanced MyFinance Experience on our  2 April 2020  Click here 
Refund Advisory  30 March 2020  Click here 
Increase in Documentation Fee Destination (DDF) for the Scope – World to Indonesia 1 March 2020 Click here
Jakarta – Mandatory Yearly Container Guarantee Letter for DO Release  13 December 2019 Click here 
External Redress Letter Template  1December 2019 Click here
Change in Maersk Bill of Lading Secure Paper  25 October 2019 Click here 
Changes on Import Flat File Submission   1July 2019 Click here 
ONLINE DELIVERY ORDER (DO) NEW PRIOK CONTAINER TERMINAL ONE (NPCT-1) - [Full Go Live: October 2019] 20 September 2019 Click here


Demurrage and Detention

Click here for Customer advisory - Effective date 1 January 2018
Click here for Customer advisory - Effective date 1 January 2017
Click here for Customer collateral - Effective date 1 January 2017
Click here for Customer advisory - Export tariff updated effective date 16 March 2017

Our free time offer is Combined Demurrage & Detention.

This means you will have one combined free time period and compensation for utilization of equipment inside and outside of terminals or depots, referred to as Combined Demurrage & Detention, from vessel discharge to gate in empty.

Tariff charges effective 1 January 2018

Please be informed that effective January 1st, 2018 (based on container discharged from vessel at final destination) we will change the calculation method for our import detention and demurrage for customers with special extended free time from traditional to progressive tier structure. After the extended free time expires, any additional days will be subject to the demurrage and detention charges as per the relevant day count in our tariff tier structure. This means that the subsequent demurrage and detention charges beyond extended free time will not automatically be calculated basing on the tariffs of 1st tier as before.

Special extended freetime: 14 days
Date of import discharge: 1 November
Freetime ends: 14 November
Empty container returned: 15 November
Detention and demurrage day: 1
Previous calculation: USD 30 (20 dry) & USD 40 (40 dry)
Current calculation: USD 50 (20 dry) & USD 70 (40 dry)

Free Time Tariff Tier changes effective 1 Jul 2019

Container Type Day 1-7 Day 8-12 Day 13-17 Day 18 Onwards
20’ DRY Free USD 30 USD 50 USD 70
40’ / 40’HC Free USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
45’ DRY Free USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
Container Type Day 1-4 Day 5-10 Day 11-20 Day 21 Onwards
20’ REEF/ Special Free USD 50 USD 90 USD 100
40’ REEF/ Special Free USD 70 USD 130 USD 200
40’ HREEF/ Special Free USD 70 USD 130 USD 200

Free Time Tariff Tier until 30 Jun 2019

Container Type Day 1-7 Day 8-12 Day 13-17 Day 18 Onwards
20’ DRY Free USD 30 USD 50 USD 70
40’ / 40’HC Free USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
45’ DRY Free USD 40 USD 70 USD 90
Container Type Day 1-5 Day 6-10 Day 11 Onwards
20’ REEF/ Special Free USD 50 USD 90
40’ REEF/ Special Free USD 70 USD 130
40’ HREEF/ Special Free USD 70 USD 130

Should you have any queries, concerns or clarifications, please reach out to your local Maersk representatives or Maersk Customer Service.

MDDC – DnD Calculation and DO Release Status

Maersk Demurrage and Detention Collection (MDDC) is a collaboration platform between Maersk and PT Masaji Tatanan Kontainer Indonesia (MTKon) which enables customer to view details as below:

  1. Empty container return (empty gate-in information)
  2. Free time information
  3. Demurrage and Detention Calculation
  4. Payment and DO Release Status (especially for branches: Surabaya, Semarang, Medan)

You can go to the link, and log in using below credentials:

PASSWORD : 123456

Note: Data will be available only after the feeder is arrived at destination


Import Cargo Release Guide

Arrival Notice

Prior to vessel arrival, an Arrival Notice will be sent to the consignee or notify party via email and it is also available on website.

Please note that the responsibility of cargo tracking remains with consignee.

Delivery Order

Delivery order is issued to consignee or appointed trucker company (EMKL) against a fully and properly endorsed Maersk’s Bill of Lading or copy of Seaway Bill, along with consignee’s letter of authorization to an appointed person/trucker company for taking D/O. 

Import Delivery Order will be available for release at the relevant branch office located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Panjang.

Empty container return

The consignee (or consignee appointed trucker company) should bring the Delivery Order to return the empty equipment to our named Depot (as specified on the Delivery Order) within the equipment free time offered. If empty container returned above given free time then depot has the right to reject until payment of detention charges is settled.

Outstanding Charge Collection

All outstanding freight/charges, including but not limited to freight, demurrage/detention charges etc. must be paid prior to the issuance of Delivery Order or Cargo Release.

Diversions/Change Of Destination (COD)

Should you need to change the destination of your cargo and you are the holder of the original B/L, you must contact your local Maersk office to ask whether COD is possible and the cost incurred to perform COD. A written request must be submitted using below form along with properly endorsed full set of B/L. If you require COD and shipper holds the original B/L, you must request shipper to approach his/her local Maersk office and submit the form there.


Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and bulbs

Effective June 19th, 2012, the entry points of fresh fruits, vegetables & bulbs into Indonesia territory are limited to:

  1. Port of Surabaya (IDSUB)
  2. Port of Medan (IDBEL)
  3. Port of Makassar (IDUJP)
  4.  Jakarta International Airport

Indonesian’s main seaport of Jakarta (IDJKT) will no longer be allowed to discharge these commodities. 

Fish and Beef

Commencing April 2011 with immediate application: 

Indonesian Government limits the import of beef and fish. Only companies holding the import licenses from the respective Ministries are allowed to import beef and fish into Indonesia. It is mandatory for the importing companies to get the following documents from the respective ministries, otherwise the cargo will be rejected by Indonesian Customs and has to be re-exported to the origin countries: 

- For Beef : "Surat Persetujuan Pemasukan dari Ditjen Peternakan dan Keselamatan Hewan" (SPP) under Ministry of Agriculture

For SPP example click here

- For Fish : "Surat Pemasaran dan Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan" (SP2HP) under Ministry of Marine and Fishery

Individual and Embassy Shipments
Individual and Embassy shipments are restricted.
Exceptions must include personal movers or international forwarders.

Meat, Ruminants, Their Products and Derivatives
Indonesia Government bans imports of meat and its derivative products except from countries below:
· Countries recognized as “free from BSE”: Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Uruguay
· Countries recognized as “provisionally free” from BSE: Chile, Iceland, Paraguay and Singapore

Aid / Grant Cargo
Do not take this business unless all import documentation anticipated prior to shipment. Pursue shipments only handled by recognized forwarder/logistics company on behalf of the aid organization. Major customs and detention/longstanding issues are common due to lack of documentation.
Please raise ISR to Indonesia team in order to check with consignee/receiver for the details prior shipment. 

Dangerous and Poisonus Waste
Do not accept cargo if:
1. Waste from unspecific sources such as maintenance, washing, packing of tools.
2. Waste from specific sources, from industrial process or certain activity.
3. Waste from expired chemical substances, packing-scrap and off-grade or by-products.

Used-machine, car, and capital goods
All import of used-machine, car, and capital goods are prohibited by Indonesia government. Any exception should obtain official permission from Director General of Foreign Trade on behalf of Minister of Industry and Trade, for :
1. Grant from donor country to the Government of Republic of Indonesia
2. Research and development needs of science and technology
3. Social-needs which is non-commercial
4. Technical assistance and project assistance
5. Motor vehicles of Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia who returning from abroad

Perawang Shipment
There are 2 ports at Perawang ; IKPP Perawang (Perawang,Indonesia) and Pelindo Perawang (Tualang Siak, Indonesia). IKPP Perawang (Perawang,Indonesia) is private port hence it is limited to other customers. For other customers that have shipment bound to Perawang must choose Tualang Siak, Indonesia as Port of Destination instead of Perawang, Indonesia which will bound to IKPP Perawang. If customers choose incorrect port cargo cannot Discharge and Port of Destination will be updated directly to Pelindo Perawang (Tualang Siak, Indonesia). Any additional charges will be bill directly to shipper.

BC 1.1 Details

Please click the vessel name to download

Port Vessel Name Voyage No. BC 1.1 Status
Jakarta  CMA CGM BELLINI  011N  Available 
Semarang  Volans  011S  Available 
Jakarta  N2X  013S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  014S  Available 
Surabaya  JACKSON BAY  013S  Available 
Jakarta Volans 011S Available
Surabaya  GSL VINIA  011S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  013S  Available 
Jakarta  LISBON  010N  Available 
Jakarta  GSL VINIA  011S  Available 
Jakarta  AL HILAL  008N  Available 
Surabaya  ALS JUPITER  012S  Available 
Semarang  NAVIOS TEMPO  010S  Available 
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER  012S  Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS TEMPO  010S  Available 
Surabaya  CONTI CANBERRA  010S  Available 
Jakarta  CONTI CANBERRA  010S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  012S  Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS LAPIS  011S  Available 
Surabaya  NAVIOS LAPIS  011S  Available 
Semarang BOMAR MILIONE  009S  Available  
Jakarta BOMAR MILIONE  009S  Available 
Surabaya  TINA I  009S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  011S  Available 
Semarang  SPIRIT OF LISBON  008S  Available 
Jakarta  TINA I  009S  Available 
Surabaya  MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO  010S  Available 
Jakarta  MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO  010S  Available 
Jakarta  SPIRIT OF LISBON  008S  Available 
Surabaya  MAERSK YAMUNA  008S  Available 
Jakarta CMA CGM PUCCINI 007N Available
Jakarta  MAERSK YAMUNA  008S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  010S  Available 
Jakarta  CALIFORNIA TRADER  011S  Available 
Surabaya SEASPAN LUMACO 009S Available
Semarang MERKUR HORIZON 007S Available
Jakarta  SEASPAN LUMACO  009S  Available 
Jakarta  MERKUR HORIZON  007S  Available  
Jakarta  IRENES WARWICK  006N  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  009S  Available  
Jakarta  CALIFORNIA TRADER  010S  Available 
Surabaya  JACKSON BAY  008S  Available 
Semarang  MAERSK VLADIVOSTOK  009S  Available
Jakarta  JACKSON BAY  008S  Available 
Jakarta  MCC TAIPEI  008S  Available 
Jakarta  CMA CGM BELLINI  005N Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  008S  Available 
Jakarta  CALIFONIA TRADER  008S  Available 
Surabaya  ALS JUPITER  007S  Available 
Semarang  MCC TAIPEI  008S  Available 
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 007S  Available
Jakarta  MCC NANJING  007S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  007S  Available 
Jakarta  CMA CGM ROSSINI  003N  Available 
Surabaya  NAVIOS LAPIS  006S  Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS LAPIS  006S  Available 
Semarang MCC NANJING  007S  Available 
Surabaya  CONTI CANBERRA 004S Available
Jakarta  MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO 005S Available
Jakarta MAERSK HAI PHONG 004S Available 
Surabaya   MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO  005S  Available 
Jakarta  CONTI CANBERRA  004S  Available 
Semarang MAERSK HAI PHONG 004S Available
Belawan MERATUS MEDAN 5 006S Available
Surabaya  AKINADA BRIDGE   003S  Available 
Jakarta AL HILAL 002N Available  
Jakarta AKINADA BRIDGE 003S Available 
Belawan MERATUS MEDAN 5  005S  Available
Surabaya  SEASPAN LUMACO  004S  Available 
Semarang NAVIOS TEMPO 002S Available 
Jakarta  SEASPAN LUMACO  004S  Available 
Jakarta NAVIOS TEMPO 002S Available
Surabaya MAERSK YAMUNA 002S Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 004S Available
Jakarta CMA CGM PUCCINI 001N Available
Jakarta MAERSK YAMUNA 002S Available
Surabaya JACKSON BAY 003S Available
Semarang SPIRIT OF LISBON 002S Available
Jakarta  JACKSON BAY 003S  Available
Surabaya  TINA I 001S Available 
Jakarta  SPIRIT OF LISBON 002S Available 
Jakarta MERKUR HORIZON 952S  Available 
Jakarta IRENES WARWICK 952N Available
Belawan MERATUS MEDAN 5 003S Available 
Semarang MERKUR HORIZON 952S Available
Jakarta TINA I 001S Available
Surabaya ALS JUPITER 002S Available
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 002S  Available 
Surabaya  E.R. DENMARK 952S  Available 
Jakarta  CMA CGM BELLINI 951N  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5  002S Available 
Jakarta  E.R. DENMARK 952S  Available 
Surabaya  NAVIOS LAPIS 001S Available 
Semarang  BOMAR MILIONE 951S Available 
Jakarta  BOMAR MILIONE 951S Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS LAPIS 001S Available 
Surabaya  CONTI DARWIN 951S Available 
Jakarta  CONTI DARWIN 951S Available 
Jakarta  CMA CGM ROSSINI 949N Available 
Jakarta  LISBON 950N Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 001S Available 
Surabaya  OSAKA TOWER 952S Available 
Semarang  SONGA HAYDN 950S Available 
Jakarta  OSAKA TOWER 952S  Available
Jakarta  SONGA HAYDN 950S  Available 
Surabaya  CONTI CANBERRA 950S  Available 
Jakarta  MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO 949S  Available 
Jakarta  CONTI CANBERRA 950S Available 
Semarang  MERKUR ARCHIPELAGO  949S Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 952S Available 
Surabaya  SEASPAN LUMACO 951S Available 
Jakarta  SEASPAN LUMACO 951S  Available
Surabaya  AKINADA BRIDGE 949S  Available 
Jakarta  AKINADA BRIDGE 949S  Available
Surabaya  JACKSON BAY 950S  Available 
Semarang  MS HAWK 948S  Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 951S  Available 
Jakarta  AL HILAL 948N Available 
Jakarta  JACKSON BAY 950S  Available
Jakarta  MS HAWK 948S  Available
Surabaya  MAERSK YAMUNA 948S  Available
Jakarta  CMA CGM PUCCINI 947N  Available
Surabaya  TINA I 949S  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 950S  Available
Jakarta  Irenes Warwick 946N Available 
Semarang  NAVIOS TEMPO 948S Available 
Surabaya  TINA I 947S Available 
Jakarta  MAERSK YAMUNA 948S Available 
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 949S  Available
Jakarta  NAVIOS TEMPO  948S  Available 
Jakarta  TINA I 947S Available 
Belawan  Meratus Medan 5 934S  Available
Surabaya  NAVIOS LAPIS 948S  Available
Jakarta  NAVIOS LAPIS 948S Available   
Semarang  THORSKY  947S Available   
Jakarta  CMA CGM BELLINI 945N  Available  
Jakarta  THORSKY 947S  Available 
Surabaya  VERDI  946S  Available  
Surabaya  OSAKA TOWER 947S Available 
Semarang  MERKUR HORIZON 945S Available 
Jakarta  VERDI 946S Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 948S Available 
Jakarta  HARIS 999G Available 
Jakarta  OSAKA TOWER 947S Available 
Jakarta  MERKUR HORIZON 945S Available 
Surabaya  CONTI DARWIN 945S Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 947S Available 
Surabaya  SEASPAN LUMACO 946S Available 
Semarang  BOMAR MILIONE 944S Available 
Jakarta  CONTI DARWIN 945S Available 
Jakarta  SEASPAN LUMACO 946S Available 
Surabaya  CONTI CANBERRA 944S Available 
Jakarta  BOMAR MILIONE 944S Available 
Semarang  SONGA HAYDN 943S  Available 
Surabaya  Jackson Bay 945S Available 
Jakarta  CONTI CANBERRA 944S Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 946S Available 
Jakarta  JACKSON BAY 945S Available 
Jakarta  SONGA HAYDN 943inaS Available 
Surabaya  CHICAGO 943S  Available 
Jakarta  MEMPHIS 023S Available 
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 945S Available 
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 944S Available 
Jakarta  Merkur Ocean 942S Available 
Jakarta  Chicago 943S Available 
Semarang  Merkur Ocean 942S Available 
Surabaya  ALS JUPITER  944S  Available 
Surabaya  MAERSK YAMUNA 942S  Available
Belawan  MERATUS MEDAN 5 944S  Available
Jakarta  MAERSK YAMUNA 942S Available 
Semarang  SEASPAN LUMACO 941S Available 
Surabaya  NAVIOS LAPIS 943S Available 
Jakarta  NAVIOS LAPIS 943S Available 
Jakarta  SEASPAN LUMACO 941S Available
Jakarta  MCC TAIPEI 943S  Available 
Surabaya  TINA I 941S  Available
Belawan  Meratus Medan 5 943S  Available
Jakarta TINA I 941S Available
Semarang OSAKA TOWER 942S Available
Semarang OSAKA TOWER 942S Available
Jakarta  OSAKA TOWER 942S  Available 
Surabaya  IRENES WARWICK 940S  Available 
Surabaya BAVARIA 941S Available
Jakarta IRENES WARWICK 940S Available
Jakarta BAVARIA 941S Available
Semarang  BAVARIA 941S  Available
Belawan  Meratus Medan 5 942S Available
Surabaya STRAUSS 939S Available
Belawan Meratus Medan 5 941S Available
Semarang Navios Tempo 938S Available
Jakarta STRAUSS 939S Available
Surabaya JACKSON BAY 940S Available
Jakarta MEMPHIS 022S Available
Jakarta  JACKSON BAY  940S  Available 
Surabaya  CONTI CANBERRA 938S  Available 
Jakarta CONTI CANBERRA 938S Available
Surabaya ALS JUPITER 939S Available
Belawan Meratus Medan 5 940S Available
Semarang  SINGAPORE BRIDGE 937S  Available 
Jakarta  ALS JUPITER 939S Available 
Belawan  Meratus Medan 5  939S  Available 

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