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Demurrage and Detention

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Tariff charges effective 1 January 2017

Export :Our setup in Indonesia will be Demurrage and Detention.

This means you will have separate free time and compensation for utilisation of equipment inside (Demurrage) and outside (Detention) of terminals or depots while storage is not applicable and still be collected by terminal directly.

Export Tariff Change effective 16 March 2017

The calculation is changing the start day of counting Demurrage and Detention freetime from counting on ”Next day” of activity to ”Same day” of activity container gate-out empty to container gate-in laden with new tariff below :

The Demurrage Export will be calculated based on the actual “Load” date of the container.

Export Detention Tariff

Days (USD) 20’ DRY 40’ / 40’HC 45’ DRY  IMO  20’ REEF/ Special 40’ REEF/ Special  40’ HREEF/ Special
Day 1-4    0  0 0
Day 5-8    40  60 60
Day 9 onwards          80 120 120
Day 1-6 0 0 0 Same as DRY    
Day 7-11 20 30 30    
Day 12 onwards 40 60 60    


US customs 24-hour advance manifest rule

Click here to view US customs 24-hour advance manifest rule.

Maersk Line Equipment Advantages - 45' Containers (cntrs)

Most shipping lines do not offer 45' containers. 45' are still, after decades, considered special equipment with limited availability and many ships are not configured to handle such large equipment. Not so with Maersk Line. We proudly offer this equipment to give you a competitive advantage on cost and ease of handling.

Benefits of 45' containers are:

  • Regular 40' container loads approx. 55 m3, Maersk Line's 45' container loads approx. 75 m3
    Advantage: 20 cbm / 36 % more space per container
  • 3x45' container's loading capacity is 225 m3, whereas 4x40' total capacity is no more than 220 m3
    Advantage: you get the same capacity plus an additional 5 cbm using 3x45' instead of 4x40' containers
  • Maersk Line offers a low 45' rate that is competitive to the 40' rate offered by discount operators.
    Advantage: For Europe base ports excl. surcharges, Maersk Line's 45' rate translates to USD 46.66 /m3 based on rate of USD 2,800/40' compared to discount operators charging USD 47.27/m3 (USD 2,600 /40')
  • Shipping large orders in 45' containers instead of 40' containers translates into fewer units which means less handling/trucking expenses.
    Advantage: you save money not only on freight, but also on trucking, terminal handling and customs. Again using above example and assuming you ship to Rotterdam, you would pay 4 x USD 230 vs. 3 x USD 295 in Jakarta and 4 x USD 160 vs. 3 x USD 160 in Rotterdam for total saving on THC of USD 280. On top of this, you save 1 truck both in Jakarta and Rotterdam.

Advantages sum up; consider that you get Maersk Line's award winning second-to-none service, the assurance of maximum cargo-control through Maersk Line's world-wide network of on-line offices and you save money on freight, trucking, customs and handling at the same time. In addition, you have access to an industry leading suite of Electronic commerce applications free of charge. Let Maersk Line's advantages be your advantages and help you lead the way in your industry.

Please note - 45' containers are especially suited for large shipments of light weight cargo. For Europe, max. weight of cargo incl. all packaging may not exceed 240 kg/cbm (total cargo weight not exceeding 18,000 kg). Examples of commodities that work excellently in 45' containers are furniture, garments, footwear, toys, electronics, arts & crafts.

Please call us for further inquiries about 45' pricing and availability and be on your way to a smoother transport experience with significant cost savings making your company more competitive!

Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)


It is a card issued by JICT to exporter/shipper after the exporter/shipper pays all costs and hands over required documents to JICT. The card contains the following information crucial to the loading process:

  • Container number
  • Vessel/voyage
  • Stacking position (yard plan and yard position) of the container at CY location
  • Stowage position (bay/row/tier) of the container on the feeder


It is imperative that the yellow card is obtained by the shipper and returned back completed in its entirety to the relevant port department to ensure that the container will be on the terminal's loading plan

Pre-cooling of Cargo

It is of utmost importance that the cargo is pre-cooled to the prescribed carrying temperature prior stuffing in order to avoid damage to the cargo during transportation.

Ideally, the carrier accepts those commodities which have been pre-cooled to the correct transport temperature.

Commodities that are not adequately pre-cooled prior to loading into the reefer container place an undue stress to the container's refrigeration system. This may affect the refrigeration system's performance.

Pre-cooling of Container
Pre-cooling of reefer containers must be avoided.

The reason for not pre-cooling the container is that a lot of condensed water will be produced as soon as the doors are opened, if the ambient temperature is high.

Pre-cooling of a container should only take place in those cases where the cargo is transferred into the reefer container in a cold store.


Cargo which has not been cooled to its carriage temperature prior stuffing is deemed to be hot cargo- and if the same is consequently stuffed in the container, the container is deemed to be hotstuffed.

The reefer container is designed to maintain the set temperature for carriage and not to bring down the temperature of the commodity.

Hotstuffed cargo will give rise to the following:

  1. Poor circulation of air inside the container leading to some of the cargo not being cooled adequately.
  2. Frequent defrosting cycle due ice formation on the evaporator during which time the cooling apparatus shuts down.
  3. Cargo damage due condensate re-freezing on the cargo/packing leading to claims at the destination port.

Maersk Line strongly advise against hotstuffing of cargo in our reefer containers but if the shipper insists and is willing to take full responsibility for cargo damage and possible claims, then the Bill of Lading will be claused as such.


Container seals are essential in guaranteeing the safety of the cargo inside the container.

To aid our customers in attaching the designated seal to a particular container, Maersk Line have instructed our depots to provide to the freight forwarder a plastic bag containing the seal with the corresponding container number written on the plastic.

By ensuring that the seal is correctly attached to the designated container, the shipper has to a large extent secured the safety of his cargo until arrival to its final destination.

Any container with broken or damaged or missing seals is automatically considered suspect by Maersk Line and the same is canceled from loading until such time that a survey including officials from the terminal, customs, shipper's representative, Shipping line representative are present, a tally taken of the cargo and then the box is re-sealed if all in order.

Charcoal Deadlines:

SERVICE Terminal Code Complete Charcoal Docs deadline CY Cut-off
IA8 Semarang Thursday 15:00 pm Saturday 09:00 am
Jakarta Thursday 15:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm
Terminal 3
IA3 Surabaya Thursday 15:00 pm Sunday 23:00 pm
Teluk Lamong
Jakarta Tuesday 12:00 pm Wednesday 12:00 pm
Terminal 3
IA1 Jakarta Tuesday 12:00pm Wednesday 11:00 am
NPCT1 Terminal
IN3 Panjang Wednesday 15:00 pm Thursday 23:00pm
SS1 Belawan Monday 10:00pm Dry: Monday 21:00 pm
Reefer: Tuesday 18:00pm
For all outports, Charcoal deadline is 3 working days prior departure before 5PM

DG Cargo Deadlines:

SERVICE Terminal Code Complete DG Cargo Docs Deadline
IA8 Semarang WED 10:00 am
Jakarta THU 17:00 pm
Terminal 3
IA3 Surabaya THU 17:00 pm
Teluk Lamong
Jakarta MON 10:00 pm
Terminal 3
IA1 Jakarta MON 17:00 pm
NPCT1 Terminal
IN3 Panjang TUE 12:00 pm
SS1 Belawan THU 17:00 pm
For all outports, DG deadline is 3 working days prior departure before 5PM


Individual & Embassy shipment

Please do not accept booking consigned to individual (non-registered company) or an embassy name. If you have to accept, please ask customer to provide reputable International Forwarder/Mover as consignee or notify party.

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.