Shipping to Hungary

Local Charges

Charge Charge type Amount
Payer-amendment fee in case of changes to payment terms or destination payers on or after last vessel arrival date Payer Amendment Destination 40 EUR/ BL 
Transport Document Amendment fee perb/l EUR 75
Transport Document Issuance Service per b/l (set of 3) EUR 50
Change of destination fee (COD) per container USD 300
Change of destination fee – Administrative Cost (CAD) – effective as of 15thJanuary 2018. Applies if T/S port remains the same, amendment related to the final port of discharge. Must be requested 96hrs before the arrival to the T/S port per b/l USD 300
Change of destination fee – Extra Restows (CED) – effective as of 15thJanuary 2018. Acceptance of the extra costs associated is must. per container USD 300+ extra costs associated
Waiting Time Destination above 4 hours perhr EUR 30
Maximum allowed storage for IMO cargo is 24 hrs. Extra charges to be applied for boxes picked up after 24hrs as follows:  per container 1-2 days 200 EUR per day; as of 3rdday 500 EUR per day 

For Intermodal Surcharges and Drop-off rates please visit our Inland Magazine by clicking here

Demurrage and Detention

Demurrage at Budapest Terminals: MAHART and METRANS

Freetime starts with the 1st day as day when container arrives at the terminal and last day as day when container leaves the terminal. Both days included

Calendar days DRY/OT&FR REEFER/ IMO
20' 40' / 45' 20' 40'
From To EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day
1 5 0 0 0 0
6 11 43 63 118 133
12+ 63 93 143 163


Freetime Free days (calendar days) starting with the day when container leaves the terminal gate. And last day is day when empty container is accepted on the terminal. Both days included.

Calendar days DRY/OT&FR REEFER
20' 40' / 45' 20' 40'
From To EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day
1 7 0 0 0 0
8+ 35 55 100 100

Local holidays

As of 15th December 2018 national holidays will be exempted from Demurrage in free and chargeable period for all import cargo.

List of national holidays for 2019:

Holiday Date Name of the day
01 January 2019 New Year's Day
15 March 2019 National Day
19 April 2019 Good Friday
22 April 2019 Easter Monday
01 May 2019 Labour Day
10 June 2019 Pentecost Monday
19 August 2019 Bridge holiday
20 August 2019 Saint Stephens Day
23 October 2019 Republic Day
01 November 2019 All Saints' Day
24 December 2019 Christmas Eve
25 December 2019 Christmas Day
26 December 2019 Boxing Day
27 December 2019 Bridge holiday

List of national holidays for 2020:

Holiday Date Name of the day
01-Jan-20 New Year's Day
15-Mar-20 National Day
10-Apr-20 Good Friday
12-Apr-20 Easter
13-Apr-20 Easter Monday
01-May-20 Labour Day
31-May-20 Pentecost
01-Jun-20 Whit Monday
20-Aug-20 State foundation day
21-Aug-20 State foundation day
19-Sep-20 EU Heritage days
20-Sep-20 EU Heritage days
23-Oct-20 Republic Day
01-Nov-20 All Saints' Day
24-Dec-19 Christmas Eve
25-Dec-19 Christmas Day
26-Dec-19 Second Day of Christmas


As Hungary is a landlocked country, substantial oncarriage on rail / road needs to be performed to get the cargo from the ports into Hungary. Main ports which are used for Hungarian imports are Koper at the Mediterranean and on the North Continent Bremerhaven and Rotterdam together with Hamburg.

Rail schedules are under fine-tuning, subject to schedule of our vessel in the Mediterranean.

Sending a Delivery / Release request:

In case of Import containers: consignee’s instruction and surrended OBL (if the transport document is Bill of Lading) is a must to having the containers from seaport to Hungary. For more details please contact Budapest customer service via phone or email.

We would request you to send in all your Release and Delivery Order requests in the following format only. Kindly ensure that all the mandatory fields are updated correctly and completely.


Customs procedures

We would like to call your attention, that our customers are responsible for the customs clearance or customs forwarding of import cargo, however our company is happy to help and assist in the customs procedure. Please ask our colleagues for quotation! Contact: Sales Department on Sales

For any further inquiry related to imports please kindly contact Customer Service or by phone on +36 1 886 9010.


Please find our customer advisory about our Import procedures: 


HS Code

 Complete and accurate cargo description along with HS 6 digit code for shipments destined to Hungary is needed. As per the requirement, a 6-digit HS code must be submitted along with all shipping instructions as mandatory information starting from 1st of September 2015. In case of multiple commodities HS codes for all the commodities need to be submitted.


 For general routing guidelines please refer to Business/Schedules on

Imo acceptance at Budapest Mahart terminal is possible only for Imo class: 2.2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8., 9. all the other classes – except 1. and 7., are subject to pre-agreement.

In Carriers Haulage from Bremerhaven to Budapest Mahart Terminal (Budapest CY) we accept: IMO 2, 3, 6.1, 8 with all package group and 9 Classes with I. or II. Package Group

In Carriers Haulage from Rijeka to Budapest Mahart Terminal (Budapest CY) we accept: IMO 2, 3, 6.1, 8 all package group and 9 Classes with I. or II. Package Group 

IMO acceptance at Budapest Metrans Terminal is possible only for IMO classes: 2.2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8, 9.
Not accepted: Class 6.1 with any 
subsidiary risk (some of the substances have multiple hazards), so  6.1 (x), where x means any number.

Forbidden classification codes:
D, DT (solid desensitized explosives),
SR1, SR2 (self-reactive substances with / without temperature control),
PM1, PM2 (polymerizing substances with / without temperature control).


 Fishmeal is not accepted in Hungary.

Import of personal effects are only accepted if shipment consigned to Hungarian moving company.
Time sensitive personal effects shipments should be discussed with our Customer Service prior loading. Please contact us on Customer Service

All Merchant Haulage cargos (i.e. if Maersk is not involved in inland oncarriage) are subject to drop-off charge.

No acceptance of vehicles, cars, lorries, motorcycles in Carrier's Haulage to any destination in Hungary. Please book to Bremerhaven CY, Rotterdam CY or Koper CY.

We do not accept banana reefer shipment to Hungary.

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.