Shipping to Honduras

Demurrage and Detention

Combined Demurrage and Detention

Combined Demurrage and Detention combined starts as from discharge day (included), ends with gate-in empty day (included) to terminal.

Tiempo libre / Free time
Tipo de contenedor/ Container type DRY FLAT & Open Top REEF IMO
Movimiento /  Movement
Todos / All movements 10 4 4 10
Tarifa estándar después de tiempo libre / Standard rates after free time
Tipo de contenedor 20' Dry 40'DC/40'HC / 45'HC Flat & Open Top 40'Reef IMO
5 en adelante / 5 and up Libre/Free Libre/Free $200 USD $200 USD Libre/Free
11 a 14 / 11 to 14 $150 USD $150 USD $200 USD $200 USD $150 USD
15 a 21 / 15 to 21 $160 USD $160 USD $200 USD $200 USD $160 USD
22 en adelante / 22 and up $170 USD $170 USD $200 USD $200 USD $170 USD


Special customs requirements

  • Customer must present 2 original Bill of Lading's (1 for customs and 1 to Maersk for cargo release) and commercial invoice.
  • Seaway b/ls are not allowed.
  • Freighted TPDOCs are needed due to custom's legal requirements (in case unrated Bill of Lading's are issued a local certification will be facilitated to customer which is accepted by customs authorities)
  • Honduras customs requires manifest cargo description into Spanish
  • Customs authorities does not allow seals discrepancies. The physical seals numbers must match with the ones declared in the cargo manifest. Any discrepancy is subject to customs fine.

Freight collect approval

Imports on collect base are not accepted. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis, which must be consulted before loading email to ( /


  • If freight is accepted to be paid collect, customer must pay with a certified check on behalf of Maersk Honduras. Enviar comprobante a


Email: Import Department: (
Email: Finance Department: (
Phone no: + 504 25082030


Weight Restrictions:

Container Type Maximun Weight
Dry Equipment 23 Tons
Reefer Equipment 21 Tons


As per the local regulation, a container is considered as abandoned by the local authority when it reaches below amount of days after arriving at terminal as per below:

Country Export Import
Honduras 21 days 21 days

Freight Transport Document

“All TPdoc have to be freighted as per Honduras Customs  request.” in case only Freighted Bill of ladings are to be released which would not leave any ambiguity on the documentation requirements.

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