Shipping to Guinea

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Demurrage - valid as from 01 July 2018

Import Demurrage (valid as from 01 July 2018)
Dry cargo 9 calendar days
Reefer cargo / IMO Cargo 6 calendar days

The Freetime starts on the same day that the container is discharged at the terminal.

DEMURRAGE - Charges per calender day after freetime expires for import
20' dry container & IMO Day 1-7  110,000
  Day 8-14 275,000
  Day 15+ 550,000
40' dry container & IMO Day 1-7  215,000
  Day 8-14 550,000
  Day 15+ 1,100,000
20’reefer container Day 1-7  450,000
  Day 8-14 1,000,000
  Day 15+ 2,000,000
40'reefer container  Day 1-7  900,000
  Day 8-14 2,000,000
  Day 15+ 4,000,000
Import Detention - valid as from 01 July 2016
The Freetime start on the same day that the container leaves the terminal.
Dry cargo 5 calendar days
Reefer cargo 3 calendar days
DETENTION - Charges per calender day after freetime expires, applicable for both import and export
20' dry container Day 1-7  100,000
  Day 8-14 250,000
  Day 15+ 500,000
40' dry container Day 1-7  200,000
  Day 8-14 500,000
  Day 15+ 1,000,000
20' reefer container Day 1-7  450,000
  Day 8-14 1,000,000
  Day 15+ 2,000,000
40' reefer container Day 1-7  900,000
  Day 8-14 2,000,000
  Day 15+ 4,000,000

1. Special equipment, such as Flat Racks and Open Top equipment, is considered equal to dry equipment 
2. IMO cargo follows the free days of dry containers 
3. High cube and 9’6’’ equipment is considered equal to 8’6’’ equipment
4. All the Demurrage and detention invoices are subject of VAT which is 20% of the amount.
5. The invoices must be paid in GNF. If you need the Rate of exchange please send a mail to GINFINWKCFRC@MAERSK.COM



It is necessary to contact us for any amendment after the departure of the ship from the last transshipment port. 

Information Exchange 

Our customer service agents are always ready to handle all your queries and provide you any information you need for customs clearance. 

Delivery Order issuance

Goods will be delivered to customers against presentation of the original bills of lading or against a telex release.



We do not accept any used items falling into the category of “toxic waste”.


- Clear description of cargo and exact number of packages must be provided 

- IMO: According to the regulation in place and to be in accordance with TERMINAL standards, Import containers said to contain class 1, 4 and 6.1 dangerous cargos are systematically subject to direct delivery. In case forwarders should not be able to take straight delivery during vessel’s call, then afore mentioned containers will have to stay on-board.

Customs requirements:

Customs have the right to confiscate cargo if not released 90 days after arrival in which case MAERSK GUINEE S.A. holds shipper and consignee jointly liable for unsettled freight and local charges

Vehicles above the age of 8 years old are not allowed for imports


Destination Charges

Documentation fee-Destination  GNF 273,764.00
Destination Certificate Charge  USD 74.00
20' Dry Standard *1(USD 74.00)
Import Service  GNF784,916.00
20'Dry standard *1(GNF 784,916.00)
Port Additionals/Port Dues Import GNF 750,000.00
20'Dry standard *1(GNF 750,000.00)
Port Security Service -Import GNF 161,998.0
20' Dry Standard *1(GNF 161,998.00)

Contact us

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